If you’re anything like me, then you know the power of words.  As author Lisa Lister says, “They call it spell casting for a reason…” the words we used are spelled together by letters and each and every single one of those words carries an energy.

To me, sitting with my own thoughts and feelings and allowing myself to put them into written words has been one of the most helpful, healing components to my inner embodiment journey.  I created the True You Journal to help you navigate the the process of journaling.  Filled with suggestions and tips on HOW to journal as well as 50 journaling prompts- this journal will be the catalyst for getting the stuck energy out of your head and on to the page.

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In 2023 I decided I was ready not only to write down my own words for myself, but to share them with the world in my very sacred story of how I started working with the moon and reconnected with myself, my female cycle, and unexpectedly (but divinely) got pregnant with our third son! In the book Soul Alchemy, I had the honor of teaming up with other spiritual leaders in a sacred co-authored book that is brimming with stories that will help the reader alchemize their life!

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