I help women start flowing, and stop forcing, through life!

Jillian’s Story

On a bitter cold, February night in Maine, I stood before my husband and finally said the words I had been stuffing down for as long as I could remember: “I feel broken.” 

I had lived a life where I based my worth on how well I could supersede the expectations of others. 

I forced my way through everything, and though I knew it led to burn out 100% of the time, I always thought the answer to solving why I wasn’t “there” yet was to work harder. 

I was so out of alignment in every area of life that even my physical body responded and I hadn’t had a natural period in over 14 years.  

I knew there HAD to be a better way.

That night, l realized just how badly I wanted to start flowing and stop forcing my way through life- and it turns out, I’m not the only overachieving, exhausted woman who wants that as well. 

Through my own journey of tapping into cyclicality and learning how to feel and trust my intuition, I learned how to heal and surrender into a beautiful life in flow… and now I help other women, in a deep, personalized way, do the same!

Now, I teach women the power of aligning with the natural, life-giving cycle that the moon has available for us in her infinite wisdom. 

I support women, who are ready to stop overfunctioning out on external pressure, release the fear and guilt of being anything other than their truest self. 

Trusting our intuitions, I guide women in attuning their bodies and emotionally tapping into the energy and flow of all things cyclicality.

Through intimate coaching experiences, virtual and in-person sisterhood circles, ritual, and intuitive connection, I help women remember, realign, and reimagine so that they can wax and wane in the way they were made to in order to live a limitless, force-free life.

My Value Proposition… this is why you want to work with me:

I transform the lives of over-extended women, by helping them create a deep, personal connection to their truth by way of the moon cycle utilizing my knowledge about the moon, my guidance through meditations, and my coaching through their own experiences and cycles so they can live a life in flow.

The sum of these Three Differentiators makes me different than any other coach (and better able to serve you on YOUR soul’s journey):

I help women get out of “force mode” and learn how to live a life in flow

I create a personalized connection between my clients and the moon cycle no matter what my services are

I support women with deep, intuitive life coaching that reveals the “True You” (1:1)

I am an Intuitive Life Coach and here’s what I stand for:

Honesty: I believe the truth is always trying to reveal itself and having honest conversations with others and ourselves will allow for it to be embodied.

Belief: I have unwavering belief in cyclicality and that trusting one’s intuition will always lead to the truest life.  I have abundant belief that each of my clients can embody their highest potential, of which I am always holding the vision for them. 

Devotion: I am devoted to the inner work, self-love, Mumma Moon, and the divine Source Energy of love that is equally as devoted to us.

My mission is to guide women to their true self so that they can flow, create, and embody their greatest work: the work of their truth!

I help women remember, realign, and reimagine a life of flow so that they can bring their dreams to reality.

I help women to align with cyclicality- that of their own cycle, the moon cycle, and Mumma Nature’s Cycle.  In the True You School™ we learn about feeling our feels and all things personal alignment, inner-knowing, and self-trust.  In my True You Tent™ coaching program we go DEEP with tapping into cyclicality by practicing the Sabbats, celebrating and LIVING the Wheel of the Year!

Essentially, what we learn in the True You School™, we practice in the True You Tent™!

I am a mumma, wife, sister, daughter, friend, coach, goddess, moon maven.  I am she.  I am we.  I am Truth.  I am you.


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