Have you ever had a stirring within you?

Churning, swirling, and calling to you to finally tap in and allow for her to rise…


At the beginning of 2017, I had that stirring.

It was calling me to grander; to deeper.

For me, it presented with wanting to get curious about what I aligned with spiritually.

It was swirling;¬†asking me to take what I “knew” and GO THERE with learning, receiving, and feeling MORE…so that I could more deeply connect with the energies that I have always been able to feel, but never had words for.

What I found, though…

…is that I couldn’t “figure out” what I aligned with spiritually if I, first, didn’t get to know ME!


The TRUE me!

So, I began participating in my own transformation.

And this is what it looked like for me:

  • Acknowledging that I had lived my entire life in a state of force, grind, do – do – do, go – go – go, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” very “wounded masculine” way – and I simply could not do that anymore. It didn’t feel natural.
  • Getting more deeply connected with myself:
    • Learning how to journal
    • Learning how to meditate
    • Learning how to connect
    • Learning how to release, forgive, celebrate, and reconnect with what I truly wanted (rather than what I felt I “should” do)
    • Learning how to unwind an all or nothing mentality and embracing “and” – getting to be this AND that
    • Learning how to feel again
    • Learning how to allow myself to feel, even if it felt hard
  • Allowing whatever I felt excited to learn about lead the way! (The Divine Feminine, Goddess energy, the moon cycles, optimizing our life by syncing with our female cycles, tools like essential oils, crystals, and cards)
  • Lots of laughter and freedom, lots of tears and road blocks, lots of calling on my sisterhood for support, lots of creation, lots of failure, and lots of getting one step closer to my actual truth with every caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly transformation that appeared along the way (and there have been a friggin’ TON)

Oh… and learning how to TRUST.

Yeah, that part!


Meanwhile, I’ve also had to learn how to integrate all this newness, awakening, deep knowing into mom-ing!

Because the truth is:

My husband and my two sons – the loves of my life – will be the very first to feel the ripple effect of my self-discovery process. And the reason WHY I am so committed to it is because I want for my sons to grow up and look at self-love and devotion as the norm.

I trusted.

I transformed.

I rose.

And as I did all this, I started to remember.

Maybe you are yearning for this too?

I remembered that I am deeply intuitive and remembered how to make decisions from my heart, rather than my head.

I started tapping into my spiritual super powers that help me deeply now with the women I get to work with: how to serve them, how to lead them, how to guide them.

And thus was born my greatest work…

I am an Intuitive Life Coach!


I have the privilege of guiding other women to do the very same thing!

My mission is to guide women to their true self so that they can flow, create, and embody their greatest work: the work of their truth!

I have done the work, and have committed to it forever, and now I get the honor of helping other women who feel stuck, who feel like they will never be enough, who feel their own stirring but fear they don’t have the time, skill, or worthiness to answer it.

I help women to dream again.

I guide women to rise. I am love and so are you.


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