You CAN live a life of flow and fun

I know you’re tired of forcing through life. I know if you could find another way that didn’t involve white-knuckling it, you would take it.  Sister, you’re not alone… and there IS another way.  Take my hand, let’s flow!

In every single one of my services I guide you to an empowered state of flow.  We release that which doesn’t serve you and celebrate & embody what does.  It’s self-devotional work, and you’re ready for the simplicity that cyclicality brings.  

My Vision:

I am pioneering a new and true way for women to live their authentic truth by connecting them to the moon cycle and their intuition.

My Mission:

I help women achieve a deep connection to their inner truth by providing coaching based on intuitive living, the moon cycle, and divine feminine embodiment so they can live their life in flow, not force.

Through modalities like 1:1 coaching, my True You School™, my True You Tent™ sisterhood, I’ve got a space that is perfect for YOU!

Let's {REALLY} connect!

Ready to stop reading and get chattin'?

Energy exchange is SO potent and important to our spiritual journeys! Conversations answer questions, create connection, and facilitate massive soul expansion... so let's have one!
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