Are you ready to let your dreams RISE?

Are you ready to let those dreams create the life that the
TRUE YOU was meant to live?

True You Live!

Who is the TRUE YOU?

What do the dreams you’ve been trying to stuff down really look and feel like?

It’s time to let them RISE!


True You Live is a two-day interactive and inspirational EVENT – October 19 + 20, Portland, Maine!

Come as you (beautifully) are and leave this self-discovery, celebratory journey transformed, empowered, and able to embody the dreams that make up who you Truly are.

During the True You Live weekend event you will:

  • Be guided into remembering and uncovering your dreams (the ones you have shoved aside but are actually meant to turn into reality)
  • Be taught how to cultivate the power that is already within you to create the life you want
  • Learn how to raise your vibe so you can activate your power to MANIFEST the life of your dreams
  • Learn all things Divine Feminine power and how to let her RISE within you
  • Learn how to connect with, own, and love your physical BODY
  • Be taught how to embody your Inner Goddess
  • Learn from and be moved by thought leaders in the self-love, personal development, and spiritually connected space
  • Celebrate, recharge, dig deep, laugh, cry, and FEEL how powerful you are
  • Leave the Live Event feeling empowered in who you truly are and have an action plan in place to create the life of your dreams that is in alignment with the True You

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Join us!

Because who you truly are is waiting to be uncovered, along with the dreams you have long since buried, so that she can RISE!

This two-day self-declaration experience will help you release the fear and doubt that has been keeping you small, uncover your dreams, step into your truth, and rise into life you want!

  • You will learn how to put yourself at the top of your to-do list (and still support your family and priorities in the super-woman way you do!)
  • You will learn how to stop living your life through the lens of everyone else and start creating the life you have been CALLED to live.
  • You will stop dubbing those creative thoughts and ideas that pop up about things that you are really interested in (like energy, chakras, essential oils, crystals, meditating, journaling, etc.) as annoying, and start aligning your spirit to them to create a life of abundance.
  • You will learn how to raise your vibe to be a manifesting magnet.


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2019 True You Live Speakers:

Jillian Bolanz

Jillian Bolanz is an Intuitive Life Coach and Self-Discovery Expert.  The creator of the True You Live! event, host of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz, founder of The Rising Mastermind, and guide in Dream Quest, Jillian’s mission is to help women remember how to dream again so that they can rise into their greatest work and TRUEST selves! 

Jillian has been featured on Maine’s NBC news station and multiple podcasts and coaching platforms.  She lives, works, & loves at home in Maine with her husband, Michael, and their sons, Cameron & Andrew.





Amber Lilyestrom

Amber Lilyestrom has been featured in countless podcasts, articles and  interviews sharing her soul inspired approach to life and business. She is the host of The Amber Lilyestrom Show Podcast and  the  Ignite Your Soul Summit. 

Amber is a Branding and Business Coach, writer and speaker who empowers women to position themselves as experts and leaders in their niche through creation of an online brand presence. She’s worked with thousands of women, building a multiple six-figure business  from home while being present for her family.
Her mission is to change the world by empowering women to take radical personal responsibility for  their life experience while embracing the fullness of who they really are.



Kris Britton

Kris Britton is a life & business coach, the Host of the Goddess Boss Podcast, Founder of Team Goddess Bossess (a global essential oil community) and Co-Founder of the Soul Wealth Method!

Kris is committed to helping women go from hustle to flow in their life and business by remembering their spiritual gifts, their feminine power, and inner guidance!

Over the last few years Kris has helped hundreds of people reach five and six figure incomes working from home and has been featured in Success Magazine + Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine.  



Ryan Yokome

Ryan Yokome is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation.

Over the past decade, Ryan has helped thousands of entrepreneurs with a spiritual approach for getting out of their own way to unleash their greatest purpose.

Ryan is a spiritual entrepreneur, transformation coach, nature lover, and the host of the Soul Wealth Podcast.




Meg Haines

Meg Haines is a spiritual teacher, healer, and creator of Divine Feminine Mastery. She has trained under world-respected teachers such as Brian Weiss, John Holland, and Robert Holden, receiving certifications in Coaching, Angel Therapy™, Past Life Regression, Reiki I & II, and Integrated Energy Therapy™, among other healing modalities. She is a trained dancer and performer, with a BA in Musical Theater from Emerson College.


Meg is passionate about helping women deepen their connection with the Divine, honor their Soul’s calling, understand their bodies’ wisdom, and heal the blocks preventing them from fully loving and living!




Christin Henke

Christin Henke is a sex-positive writer, speaker, and educator. She would also describe herself as “an upholder, nurturer, hype-woman and smasher of glass ceilings”.

Christin’s MO is to help women destigmatize and OWN their sexuality by releasing the fear and shame society put in our welcome bags at birth.

“I mentor, support, and empower through the facilitation of raw, humor-filled conversation. By creating safe places to laugh, ask questions, unpack, cry, deconstruct, get angry, be curious and heal, we learn to honor and embody the deepest expression of our power.”




Erica Ballard

Erica Ballard is a Healthy Living Expert and Coach and CEO of The B Method – the first real food-focused corporate wellness program. Through her companies, she works with high performers to optimize their energy, productivity and focus through food.

Erica works with both individuals and companies to show them how to live healthy despite their busy schedules by outlining the foods and habits needed to fuel professional and personal goals.

Erica has been featured in Women’s Health, Orange Theory Fitness, + Saks Fifth Ave.



Brianna Rose

Brianna Rose is a kundalini business coach for women entrepreneurs and creator of the ‘Light Leader’ movement. Her global online business has transformed thousands of women’s lives teaching them to create impactful online empires, live a lifestyle of financial freedom, and change the world. Through Brianna’s success methodologies her clients align with their purpose, write magnetic content that captures the hearts of their soulmate clients, unlock their energy systems to activate their intuition, and exponentially grow their businesses to 6 figures (and beyond!). Her work has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, LearnVest, and more.

She spends her time between the sandy shores of Long Island and sunny SoCal with her boyfriend Chris and their furbaby Layla  




Bonnie Kelly

Speaker, Author, and Coach Bonnie Kelly is the founder of the Emotional Revolution and is on a mission to help women radically transform the way they think & feel. She seeks to end needless suffering by realigning women with their purpose, passion, and power. With her unique 3-Step Revive Formula, she’s equipped thousands of people just like you with the tools necessary to accomplish just that.

Together, she will invite you to join the movement so you too can answer the call of greatness and become a Rebel for Joy




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Past True You Live Speakers:

In 2018 Amber Lilyestrom, Kelsey Abbott, Lindsay Heaphy, and Kacia Fitzgerald joined Jillian in rocking and setting the stage for the self-discovery journey our audience will be taking to a whole new level as we let our dreams rise in 2019!


October 19 + 20, 2019 // One Longfellow Square // Portland, Maine

General Admission – $288

(or 3 payments of $100))

General Admission Seating
TYL Swag Bag

VIP  –   $444

(or 3 payments of $150)

VIP seating and early access to venue
VIP Coffee and Kundalini interactive and intimate VIP experience (AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!)
Upgraded TYL Swag Bag

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The True You Live! 2019 Event is your opportunity to uncover who you truly are, let your dreams RISE, so that you can create the life you were meant to live! 

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

Discovering the True You is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Letting your dreams rise so that you can turn them into reality is not only exactly what you are here for, but will be the ripple effect that your children, family, friends, clients, and the rest of the world will FEEL…

And letting your loved ones feel the power of your dreams and your truth is the greatest gift you can give to the world!

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This event is for anyone who is ready to uncover their dreams and let their truth rise to create the life they know they were TRULY meant to live.

If you are ready to up-level your life, relationships, and business by way of uncovering the True You and allowing that source of love to be the connective tissue in all things- THIS is the event for you.

If you enjoy being surrounded by, learning from, and feel JOY in the presence of incredibly empowered people- this is your IDEAL event!


We sure do! We will have an hour lunch break in the middle of the day on both days. Portland has tons of yummy food options that you are welcome to peruse or bring a meal from home! Also, consider your snacking and hydration needs throughout the day and bring what you need to keep you sustained and energized!


The first few rows will be reserved for our VIP guests – so if you want to be up close and personal (and when you see the line up of speakers you WILL WANT to be up close and personal, trust!!) make sure to snag an up-leveled VIP ticket! Other than that, seats will be taken on a first come, first served basis!


An open heart and mind and desire to know your truth! Also, bring a journal and don’t forget your favorite pen. Personal items that help you feel empowered, centered, and grounded are also encouraged (ie crystals, stones, oils, etc.)


The True You Live event tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. This event is going to be world shifting and self-elevating, so we truly hope you are able to attend. However, we know sometimes life happens and in the event you are not able to make it, you may transfer your ticket to a friend after contacting us at (Transfer fees may apply as we near the event.)


Whatever makes you feel empowered and beautiful on the inside and out. You will want to be comfy and choose clothing that makes you feel confident! We will  be moving our bodies as well as getting still with our souls- dress for your truth!


A million percent YES! This expansive in-person experience will elevate you on a very personal level. Uncovering and letting your true self shine will benefit you in every area of life, whether you are an entrepreneur or not!


Yes! Sisterhood is one of the things the Divine Feminine craves the very most and is at the heart of everything Jillian creates in her life and business.  BRING a soul sister and expect to leave with many more!


By up-leveling your ticket to VIP, you will receive priority seating during the event, an extra special goodie bag, and ** COFFEE AND TRUE CORE CONNECTION** an intimate VIP only special session from 9-10am on Day 2!

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