There is cyclicality in all things.

A heartbeat that connects us all…
A rhythm to which the dance is an ebb and flow…
A primal melody whose song we *somehow* know every word to…

It’s where intuition leads us to our wisdom…
It’s where celebration accelerates manifestation… 
It’s the space where every ending is the catalyst for an even greater beginning…

There is magic here.

And it’s ready to be rediscovered, reconnected, and embodied!

Sister, True You Live is BACK in 2021 and this year we are going
OUTSIDE to rediscover the magic within!!


True You Live: The Magic Within is a two-day spiritual embodiment, cyclicality connecting, energetic rocket ship event, guiding you to experience the MAGIC that is the truth of who you really are! 

It’s a remembrance, it’s a reconnection, it’s a reclamation. 

And this year we are reconnecting with Mother Nature and ourselves in a big way: by bringing this sacred event outside, into an enchanted apple orchard, so that you can fully participate with the energy of all things natural, primal, and divine.  It’s straight up MAGIC – just like YOU!

During the True You Live weekend event you will:

  • Be guided back to the magic within YOU
  • Recreate a bond to cyclicality: the moon cycle, the seasonal cycle, and your own personal MAGICAL cycle 
  • Rediscover how to trust your intuition
  • Reconnect with your inner Witchy Woman… she’s in there and she’s ready to come out
  • Learn about the four universal elements and how you fit perfectly within them
  • Travel along the Wheel of the Year to bring astrological and seasonal celebration and purpose back into your life
  • Celebrate, meditate, dance, embody, flow, laugh, cry, breathe, move, and reconnect to Mumma Gaia, sacred sisterhood, and yourself
  • Leave feeling more fulfilled, more embodied, and more connected to The Magic Within than ever before

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Watch THIS and imagine this vibe… outside, in an enchanted apple orchard, more deeply connected to your inner magic than ever before!!! Holy goosebumps, goddess! 

Join us!

Because NOT embodying The Magic Within is simply NOT an option anymore… am I right?
You can feel it… it’s getting stronger… the whispers are getting louder… it’s time to embody the MAGIC that’s always been there, within YOU!

General Weekend Outline:

Saturday, September 11th
9am – 12pm Morning Session
12pm – 1pm Lunch
1pm – 4pm Afternoon Session
(**5pm – 8pm Catered Dinner + Sacred Sisterhood Moonlight Ceremony – True You Tent™ members only!! My gift to the Ladies of the True You Tent™!)

Sunday, September 12th
9am – 12pm Morning Session
12pm – 1pm Lunch
1pm – 3pm Afternoon Session
3pm – 4pm Magical Closing Ceremony

(**Want to enhance your experience and become a member of the True You Tent™  BEFORE this in-person event? Good idea! Schedule a call with me HERE! Hint: True You Tent members get a FREE ticket to True You Live: The Magic Within!)


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September 11 + 12, 2021 // Thompson’s Apple Orchard // New Gloucester, Maine

Ticket Price – $199.00

(or 2 payments of $100.00))


Soul Sister Special-   $299.00
Buy one ticket, get the second half off for a soul sister!

(or 2 payments of $150.00)

Grab Your Ticket Now!

We are taking the True You Live 2021 OUTSIDE so that you can reconnect to THE MAGIC WITHIN! 

This is your opportunity to sync back in with the elements, cyclicality, and your authentic magic so that you can become the truth of who you really are!

Watch This to see what others experienced at TYL in the past… and we hadn’t even enchanted it yet!

Can you IMAGINE how holy this year will be?!

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We do the inner work to create the outer world… & since your inner world – THE TRUE YOU – is made of magic, embodying that will help you to create an outer experience of magic beyond your wildest dreams! 

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This event is for the goddess…  the maiden, the mother, the crone… the magical, deeply emotional, cyclical woman who is ready to deepen the connection she has with herself as well as the connection she has with Mother Nature.

If you are ready to reclaim your magical nature, immerse yourself in the safety and sanctuary of sisterhood, learn about everything from the elements to the cosmos, and have a flipping FUN time embodying the True You… you’ve gotta be there! 


Yes, and because we are taking this event out of the city & bringing it into the enchanted Orchard at Thompson’s Farm, we ask that you BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH/ SNACKS!

In the middle of both days, there will be a lunch break where you will have the opportunity to casually dine among the apple trees!


Nope- first come, first served! 


An open heart and mind and desire to reconnect to the TRUTH of who you really are!
You’ll also want to bring:

  • Lunch
  • Snacks/ Water
  • Layers… we will be outside in the tent- if it rains, we will close the walls- but you’ll want to dress for “Maine in September weather”… which could seriously be anything <3
  • Journal + Pen
  • Anything else that helps you to feel supported during events like this: crystals, oils, talismen, blankies, etc. 


The True You Live event tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. This event is going to be world shifting and self-elevating, so we truly hope you are able to attend. However, we know sometimes life happens and in the event you are not able to make it, you may transfer your ticket to a friend after contacting us at jillian@jillianbolanz.com. (Transfer fees may apply as we near the event.)

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.  We will work with you to transfer your ticket either to a future event or other opportunity… the opportunities are limitless and the safety and health of everyone is the top priority! We will ensure you receive the value of what you paid for by doing the right thing and staying home if you are symptomatic! 


Whatever makes you feel empowered and beautiful on the inside and out. You will want to be comfy and choose clothing that makes you feel confident! We will  be moving our bodies as well as getting still with our souls- dress for your truth!


NO! The magical field that our True You Live tent and amenities will be located in is “on the hill” at Thompson’s Orchard.  There is a Farm Store, but it is located a distance away from our spot.  I’d highly recommend you bring all food/ beverages you’d like to eat and drink during the day with you as there will not be time to leave and “find something to eat”! Feel free to stop at the Farm Store before or after the event though… their treats are delicious and who doesn’t like a warm apple cider donut in Maine, in September?!


Thompson’s Orchard:
276 Gloucester Hill Rd
New Gloucester, ME 04260

**Our event will not be located at the Farm Store that this address will bring you directly to… if you are coming up to the Farm Stand and it’s on your right, keep driving about 100 yards “up the hill”… you’ll see a sign for True You Live- take a right onto the dirt path and get ready to behold the beauty that is the True You Live: The Magic Within enchanted event space! 


Thompsons Orchard is about 30 minutes from Portland, ME and 20 minutes from Freeport, ME – both are incredible cities and considered “getaway destinations” in our beautiful state of Maine.  If it were me, I’d probably look into availability in Freeport first, to make day-of event travel easier! But you can’t get this wrong, gf! Get those google-fingers going, map it out, and make this a weekend that meets ALL of your needs! 


Yes! There will be parking available but we ask if you can carpool, please do!!


There will be an hour-long lunch break both days.  You are free to wander around the orchard, set out a blankie and have a picnic, and check out the entire sacred area that is available to us, but I would recommend staying on the premise… there simply will not be time for you to drive somewhere quickly and make it back in time for our afternoon session! This isn’t a scarcity thing- it’s an understanding of proximity thing!


Nope! Not this year! This year we are celebrating being able to even have a live event at all – we are keeping it simple and powerful! 

That being said, the ladies who are part of my True You Tent™  coaching program get to come to True You Live for free as a bonus to their membership in the life-changing space that is the True You Tent™! As such, I’ll be hosting a private True You Tent dinner and moon light ceremony on Saturday evening of True You Live to celebrate being IN PERSON with this sacred group of women! If you’d like to amplify your experience at True You Live and attend as a member of the True You Tent, CLICK HERE to schedule a call with me! 

Additionally, we do have Soul Sister Special (Buy one ticket, get the second half off!) if you want to grab your bestie and experience True You Live together! 

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