Are you a go-getter, creative who’s ready to infuse her WORK with the superpowers of being a WOMAN?

Are you craving clarity on your soul’s calling so you can turn THAT into an actual creation (product, service, book, biz)?

Is it time to DO IT (work, creation) DIFFERENTLY? 


Then the Moon Cycle Immersion – CREATRIX CALLING – is for you!


Hello Creatrix! I’m Jillian Bolanz – a Magickal Biz Mentor who helps baller women like you turn your Calling into Creation so you can MONETIZE YOUR MAGICK! 

I launched my online Business Coaching Biz in 2017 and I loved it…

In 2019 I took a deep dive into the Divine Feminine + learned to work with the moon cycle, the season cycle, and my intuition…

I started teaching THAT to other women and IMMEDIATELY found out just how much WE NEED THAT RECONNECTION!

& here we are at the end of 2023 and it’s time to bring these to worlds together!

To combine Biz Coaching + Intuitive Coaching…

to help you OWN being the CREATRIX you are! 


Let’s be honest…

You could work anywhere and be in the top 1% of the company- you’re that smart.

You could launch any business and it would do really well- you’d figure it out.

But at this point… you want more, don’t you?

You want to really sync to your SOUL’S calling and bring THAT to life… the way you were designed to!

& utilizing 1:1 coaching support + the moon cycle we’re going to do just that!!


Ready to connect to your Creatrix Calling?!

Details & Flow:

  • This is real-time 1:1, energy-based, personalized coaching to help you answer your Creatrix Calling

  • This container takes place on the free Voxer app – a recordable walkie-talkie – you’ll download that and have a Coach Jillian in your pocket to teach and support you all moon cycle long!

  • We start with the Full Moon on Monday, November 27th + you’ll receive daily coaching and support (through the next full moon!)

  • Each day, I’ll teach you about the moon- what phase she’s in + the astrology- and will coach you into how to connect with your Creatrix Calling

  • Once we tap into your Creatrix Calling, we’ll start talking logistics… I’ll coach you through taking steps to launching your business, product, service (lunar style!)

If you’re ready to get clarity on your soul’s calling and monetize your magick… 

Join this 1:1 Moon Cycle Immersion – Creatrix Calling now! 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I think I want to start a business but have no idea where to start?

This is the perfect space for you.  Seriously.  Connecting to cyclicality opens up our channels of truth and creativity.  You’re going to learn how to leverage the wax and wane of the moon cycle and connect into your soul’s calling with more flow and excitement than you’ve ever experienced it.  Plus, as a Business Coach, I’ll be there to guide you tactically as well as energetically to getting clear on what your soul is calling you to do AND how to monetize on that magick!

What if I already have a business? Will this help me?

More than you could ever imagine! Many of us have been taught to build businesses in a linear, head-down, and – I’ll say it – unfulfilling way.  AMAZING that you’ve already claimed the energy of entrepreneur… how would it feel to grow your business WITH the energy that surrounds you? WITH the energy that most supports you?

How would it feel to create opportunities for YOUR clients that are in alignment with that lights YOU up?

THAT’S what we’re going to do here!

I’ve got a lot of fears + imposter syndrome + money stories I KNOW need to be looked at – can we talk about those too?

You bet, babe! I actually think looking at these things is A MUST as we tap into what our soul is calling us to.  Getting honest about what’s holding us back and learning how to release those things is key to accessing your full, unbridled Creatrix energy!

What if I’m traveling or something comes up during our experience?

AWESOME! Guess what? Life IS going to happen while we work together! And the beauty about this experience being on Voxer is that you get to take me with you wherever you go! Mumma Moon remains where she is no matter where you go, right? As long as we can connect through Voxer, she and I will always be there for you!

And how incredible to be able to receive support no matter where you go and what comes up?!

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! You can pay in full, over two months, or over four months! If you’re serious about doing this work, I’m serious about making it super accessible for you!

Can I talk with you about this before I purchase?

Yes, of course! Go ahead and email jillian@jillianbolanz.com letting me know you’re interested in talking about the Moon Cycle Immersion and we’ll hop on a 15 minute info call!

Are there refunds available?

It is my intention for you to be happy with your experience in the Moon Cycle Immersion. Because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and/or providing the experience of the Moon Cycle Immersion, no refunds will be provided.