Have you been curious about how syncing your energy to the moon’s energy would greatly enhance your life?

Have you felt pulled to learn about the moon phases and what’s available, energetically, as she dances through the zodiac?

Have you wondered how you can support and celebrate yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically by working WITH the energy of the moon?


Join the Moon Cycle Immersion!


Hello Moon Goddess! I’m Jillian Bolanz and I’ve worked deeply and personally with the moon for 5+ years now.  

After the mind-blowing experience of supporting my body with reconnecting to a natural period (after not having one for 14 years) by working with the energy of the moon phases, I knew I’d discovered something sacred, primal, and that we should ALL have a personal experience with!

And though my experience had an incredible physical result, the moon governs our emotions just as she governs the tide… and really learning how I FEEL during different parts of the moon cycle has made the most profound impact emotionally and energetically in my life!

I know my emotional patterns as I wax and wane through the moon cycle, so I can better support and celebrate myself forevermore!


As an Intuitive Coach, I KNEW that the uncovering of this wisdom was not meant for me alone… 

I began teaching about the energy of each moon phase and what happens astrologically as she dances through each of the zodiac signs in my coaching programs the True You Tent and the True You School

I began teaching my sacred communities about how to sync their innate selves to the essence of Mumma Moon…

And the result is that women across the world have begun to live in a cyclical, energetically supportive and celebratory way…

The way we are designed to live!


This work has enhanced and changed the lives of so many women, like you…

And the time is right for me to create 1:1, personalized, sacred space for you to have a deep, integrative Moon Cycle Immersion!

–> In the Moon Cycle Immersion, we will work intimately and daily via the recordable walkie-talkie app, Voxer (this supportive methodology has been a game changer to my coaching business! It allows for you, and my other sacred clients, to have a Coach Jillian in your pocket so you can share what’s coming up and receive support IN REAL TIME- no more waiting weeks to hop on a call!) <–


Details & Flow:

  • Once you purchase the Moon Cycle Immersion, you’ll receive an email welcoming you into the experience

  • You’ll respond to the email letting me know which moon cycle in 2023 you’d like to apply this immersion to

  • We’ll begin at the New Moon of your chosen moon cycle

  • Every day, I’ll teach you about the moon- what phase she’s in + the astrology

  • Every day, I’ll prompt you to witness your experiencer emotionally and energetically and take note (gathering data for the future)

  • And, the best part (!!), I’ll be there to support, coach, and guide you – in real time- based on what’s coming up for you!

I mean, HOW AMAZING to have THAT level of teaching, guidance, support, and celebration ON THE DAILY to help you connect to something that calls to us women on the deepest, most primal level?

Are you ready to receive it?

Can you imagine living your life anymore NOT knowing these sacred aspects of the moon, and as such, of yourself?

SO excited to work with you, Moon Goddess! xo Jillian


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know when the Moon Cycles are so I can select the one for me?

In the welcome email, I’ve listed out the date of each New Moon in 2023.  Each moon cycle is 28ish days, so you’ll select the New Moon you’d like to start on, knowing that our Immersion will continue on for almost the month following that date!

What if I’m traveling or something comes up during our experience?

AWESOME! Guess what? Life IS going to happen while we work together! And the beauty about this experience being on Voxer is that you get to take me with you wherever you go! Mumma Moon remains where she is no matter where you go, right? As long as we can connect through Voxer, she and I will always be there for you!

And how incredible to be able to receive support no matter where you go and what comes up?!

Is there one moon cycle that’s better than another?

No! They are all sacred and magickal in their own way… and we all have our own individual experience with each one!

How would you suggest choosing the moon cycle I (or the person I gift this to) work with?

If you want to dive in more immediately, I’d choose a cycle nearing to the beginning of 2023 to get your learn and immersion on!

Other times that might be really fun:

  • The cycle that includes your birthday
  • A cycle that falls within a time period that has traditionally been challenging for you (we all have those months where things just usually feel sticky… but what if it’s not about the month? what if it’s about your connect to the moon?!)
  • A cycle that falls within a time period that historically has felt super powerful for you that you want to enhance even more

Trust your intuition… you literally can’t get this one wrong!

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! You can pay in full, over two months, or over four months! If you’re serious about doing this work, I’m serious about making it super accessible for you!

Can I talk with you about this before I purchase?

Yes, of course! Go ahead and email jillian@jillianbolanz.com letting me know you’re interested in talking about the Moon Cycle Immersion and we’ll hop on a 15 minute info call!

Are there refunds available?

It is my intention for you to be happy with your experience in the Moon Cycle Immersion. Because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and/or providing the experience of the Moon Cycle Immersion, no refunds will be provided.