Connection.  Circle.  Celebration.  Ceremony.

On a primal level we crave this.

We crave BELONGING to a sacred community simply BECAUSE we are who we are and we’re committed to our soul’s evolution.

There’s not fitting in.  No masks.  No pretending.  There’s not here.

You belong in a safe, sacred container because you are YOU.

You are here with a heart bursting with love, a soul longing to be attuned to, and a drive to witness and be witnessed by other women who are doing/ being their version of this!

Sisters, Goddesses, Witches, Magickal beings… it’s time to return to celebration, ritual, ceremony, and cyclicality in this place where you truly belong.

It’s time to return to the True You Tent™ !

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The True You Tent is a Sisterhood Coaching Container of Cosmic Level Support!

This life changing experience includes:

  • A year long, sacred, container of women who are devoted to traveling through the wheel of the year together, in virtual and in-person community!
  • Access to a group Voxer conversation – this has ended up being the most sacred and divine connection modality for us and creates a bond between the women in this group deeper than we could have ever foreseen!
  • 8 Sabbats Celebrations throughout the Wheel of the Year
    • Trainings on what the Sabbats are so you can learn &
    • Aligned rituals and celebrations on the Sabbats so you can experience their magic
  •  Monthly Sisterhood Calls
    • 1 Intuitive Life Coaching Call that is personalized to each woman in our space
  • Facebook Community space for deep, personal interaction and connection
  • *NEW IN 2023* – Two in-person retreats to celebrate, heal, and grow TOGETHER!
  • Four 1:1 coaching calls between you and Jillian
  • *BONUS – Ladies of the Tent also get lifetime access to the True You School

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What is the True You Tent™ ?

In the True You Tent we truly PRACTICE all we’ve known and experienced… connection to the divine, BEING our truth, cyclicality, and our magickal talents..

It’s the space where you can finally feel 100% safe to say the things you’ve always been shushed in saying. 

It’s the space where we, as women, come together to celebrate one another’s victories, cry each other’s tears, and allow for total true self-embodiment for everyone in the tent.

It’s the healing and expansion container you’ve been waiting for all of your life.

It’s a coaching program that is so much more than that. 

Our True You Tent is filled with women who are devoted to this level of combined self-nourishment + sisterhood connection… in our space we (inner) work individually and collectively to EMBODY this iteration of ourselves as we participate with the evolution of what we are growing into next! 

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If you’ve ever wanted:

To participate in rituals, meditations, and ceremonies that connect us with nature, the Universe, and each other in the ancient ways of our (badass and magical) ancestors…

To bring FUN back into your life in a deep, meaningful, and connected way…

To finally be a part of a group of women who uplifts and honors one another and KNOWS (like you know) just how friggin powerful we all are- ESPECIALLY when we come together in sacred circle…

Then WELCOME, sweet soul, to the True You Tent! 

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