Are you ready to bring that feminine celebration, connection, ritual, and ceremony back into your life?

Are you just DONE with feeling alone and like you just CAN’T get up and live one more day in a linear, non-supportive, head-down way?

Do you crave being soul-to-soul in circle with sisterhood (with women who GET IT)?

Are you flippin’ exhausted from being BUSY all the time but never feel like you are getting anywhere?!

Are you yearning for a life where “being” is celebrated as much “doing” all the things?

Have you noticed that your body and emotions need different levels of support during different times of the day? a month? a season?

There’s a primal womanhood remembrance rising- you can feel it, can’t you?

It’s not our fault, but society and the fast-paced, externally validating world we’ve been living in has caused us to forget these pieces of us…

(I’m just gunna leave THAT right there…)

Until now.

Sisters, Goddesses, Witches, Magical beings… it’s time to return to celebration, ritual, ceremony, and cyclicality.

It’s time to return to the True You Tent™ !

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Welcome to the True You Tent™ !

A few years ago, I started realizing just how much the moon and the seasons really impacted how I felt in my body, my mood, and quite honestly, my overall life.

I started recognizing when I felt super energized as well as when it felt important for me to grab a blankie, curl up, and rest.

As someone who was used to living by the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” motto, aligning with the concept of ebbing and flowing was hard for me to grasp and implement at first… as a generator and a damn good over-achiever, I prided myself on what I could produce and slowing down left me feeling restless and like I was doing something wrong.

Do you know this feeling?

But, I was committed to leaning into this way of living I felt so called to and discovered that the easiest (and most fun!) way of doing this was through CELEBRATION!

  • I started learning about the eight Sabbats (a combo of the four astrological seasonal changes and their Irish counterpart ceremonies).
  • I started learning about crystals, oils, herbs, and pulling cards.
  • I started actually planning my (over-packed, working mom-of-three) schedule around the moon cycle.

And… as you might suspect (even if you are still suspicious of…) I STARTED TO FEEL BETTER.

How about you, Goddess? Cause, oh by the way, you are a Goddess.

Are you ready to invite ceremony, ritual, sisterhood, and FUN into your life?

Walk into the True You Tent™  NOW!

What is the True You Tent™ ?

The True You Tent™  is the space where you can finally feel 100% safe to say the things you’ve always been shushed in saying.  It’s the space where we, as women, come together to celebrate one another’s victories, cry each other’s tears, and allow for total true self-embodiment for everyone in the tent.

It’s the healing container you’ve been waiting for all of your life.

It’s a coaching program that is so much more than that.  It is the space you never know how deeply you’ve craved, and when you finally allow yourself to be a part of it, you’ll never imagine how you did it without THIS level of support and love.

It’s a reflective pool- everyone woman in the tent is a reflection back to you for the cyclical, divine, abundant woman that You are!

Our True You Tent™  is filled with women who are devoted to this level of combined self-nourishment and sisterhood connection… and who all want to uncover the truth of who they truly are in this natural, cyclical setting.
This life changing experience includes:
  • Access to a group Voxer conversation – this has ended up being the most sacred and divine connection modality for us and creates a bond between the women in this group deeper than we could have ever foreseen!
  • 8 Sabbats Celebrations throughout the Wheel of the Year
    • Trainings on what the Sabbats are so you can learn &
    • Aligned rituals and celebrations on the Sabbats so you can experience their magic
  • (3) Monthly Sisterhood Calls
    • 1 Intuitive Life Coaching Call
    • 1 monthly training on moon phases/ zodiac signs/ important astrological events/ upcoming sabbats
    • 1 monthly spell casting extravaganza
  • Facebook Community space for deep, personal interaction and connection
  • There will be talk on chakras, goddess archetypes, spell casting, crystals, oils, herbs, meditation, and on and on and on…

I want to learn more!

If you’ve ever wanted:

To participate in rituals, meditations, and ceremonies that connect us with nature, the Universe, and each other in the ancient ways of our (badass and magical) ancestors…

To bring FUN back into your life in a deep, meaningful, and connected way…

To finally be a part of a group of women who uplifts and honors one another and KNOWS (like you know) just how friggin powerful we all are- ESPECIALLY when we come together in sacred circle…

Then WELCOME to the True You Tent™ !

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