I hope this finds you living your absolute best life this morning- at the time you are receiving this I am away on a little weekend getaway with Michael… Recharging, having FUN, singing, dancing, connecting- you know… generating ABUNDANCE.  Because here’s the thing, celebration and fun are the easiest ways to JOY… and when you feel joy ALL that is associated with abundance is available for you- love, money, opportunities, business growth, health, prosperity of all kinds.  


As I thought about what I wanted to share with you today, I wanted to start off by saying, I remember.  I remember when I took life, business, and all things SO SERIOUSLY.  

I remember when I thought the only way to growth… the only way to financial success in business… was to put in more TIME, slog through tedious sh*t that I hated because it HAD to get done, put my head down and WORK WORK WORK.  

I remember feeling so lonely during the first couple years of building my own business… because I was.  I was alone.  I was doing it all alone.  I “didn’t have time” to connect with friends, teammates, or people just for FUN… oh Heavens no… that would TAKE AWAY from the time I had to work.  

Do you see how that is all set in scarcity? 

Do you see how all of the words I used above are dripping with a lack mentality?

I did this and I did this HARD for a couple years… until the point where I couldn’t do it anymore.  

I was resistant at first… when you are programmed to the “go it alone” mentality, it takes some unraveling… but I KNEW that I was creating neither the money that I should have been making nor the relationships, laughter, fun, and really, LIFE I wanted to live.  

So, I started inviting people in.  

I started getting in the spaces.  

I started sharing ENERGY with people and having a friggin’ fun time doing it! 

And now… that is ALL I offer to the world… that is how I can make the BIGGEST difference in the world… by providing women with the SPACES to connect, to walk hand-in-hand with others, to be seen, heard, loved, and supported.  

The BEST thing I started doing for my business (and life) was getting to live events… from coffee with soul-sisters to retreats hosted by my mentors to performances with stages, motivational speakers, and a chance to let my heart connect to the energy of others.  SO much has shifted for me since making these a priority.  

Now, I’m a Mumma and I work for myself from home… I LOVE being home… it’s actually out of my comfort zone to leave and go out to events… but nothing changes if WE stay the same… so it’s a priority- it’s a MUST- for my business and life.  

My creativity gets super charged when I travel.  The relationships I have made from these in-person opportunities are second to none.  And the money that has come through in response to all of the above is what I had once truly hoped for while I was in that “put your head down and work” mentality! 

I share all this with you because I want you to come to True You Live.  I want to give you the opportunity to FEEL this way! 

True You Live is the live event I am hosting in Portland, Maine on October 13th- and I can promise you this… it will change your flipping life! 

We are going to do the self-discovery dive AND we are going to help you release those nasty inner demons that mess with your mindset.  We are going to teach you how to authentically show up in the world in your TRUTH.  And we are going to teach you how to ALWAYS remember who you truly are! 

I created this because it was EXACTLY what I discovered I needed- and I KNOW there are girls out there, like me, who so desperately want the abundance and they are ready to make the changes, bring in the JOY, and get in the spaces to do so!

Register NOW– we are almost a month away and you need to get in this energetic, celebratory, life-changing space! 

Get your ticket at www.trueyoulive.com

**BONUS** If you want to make a night of it in Portland, and you book your room WITH THIS LINK for the Westin Hotel at a crazy discounted rate, then please use coupon code “TrueYou” to take $50 off your ticket price and enjoy a discounted room and discounted ticket for this incredible event! Must be used by September 10th!**

My friend, get in the space! Make the change if you WANT change! I cannot wait to give you a totally life changing experience… I feel like it’s my way to really pay forward all the experiences I have had that have brought so much abundance into MY life! 

See you on October 13th in Portland, ME!


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