“I’m not the person that is going to hand you the five steps to getting through your day… no, with my style coaching, I’m going to guide you back to the mission and calling of your soul.”

-Jillian Bolanz

The main story

Very recently I have been experiencing TONS of internal transformation.  It’s a little interesting, but also of no surprise, that after my first live event, True You Live, which was hosted in an incredible space and I got to stand on stage inviting 100 women into their TRUTH, I had a re-calibration of my truth! 

My entire life I have been a Life Coach… I’ve just worn a number of different masks to bring out the version of the work, at the time of my life that seemed to fit this mode: big sister, sports team captains, practice manager, fitness coach, business strategist…

Very recently I finally OWNED that I was a Life Coach… but it always felt like there was something missing.  

I’m not the person that is going to hand you the five steps to getting through your day… no, with my style coaching, I’m going to guide you back to the mission and calling of your soul. 

I used to think that using the word “soul” wasn’t a “smart business move”… so I didn’t use it… but ultimately, as my friend and client Brandi Parson (follow her on FB HERE) said about me in a recent post, “This woman is truly gifted at seeing people and helping them uncover their purpose. She has held my hand the whole way and guided me to reveal my soul’s work.  So freaking magical.”

So, the other day I was interviewing my friend Tamara Arnold (follow her on FB HERE) for my podcast and, as a Business Energy Strategist, she has the gift of tapping into the energy field of others and reading their chakras (the chakras are the different energy centers in our bodies). 

For the second week in a row she told me that my throat chakra was closed.

And I was equal parts unsurprised and BAFFLED because I have been doing a TON of work with my meditation and chakra opening practices… how could it be that it was still so closed? I knew the key was to get out of my head and back into my body… but what else could I do to add to the work I was already doing?!

Her response?

“Would you just COME OUT, already?!”

I was floored.  It was time.  I still tried to battle it by saying that my Divine gifts are not “as strong” as those of others (like, I do not currently have the practiced gift of hearing the whispers of my guides to help me read the chakras of others like Tamara)… to which she lovingly laughed at me and said, “You are literally one of the most intuitive people I have ever met.  You meet someone and instantly you are able to read their energy and provide them with the exact questions, words, and love that THEY need to step further down their path.”

She was right.  And I know that I have gifts.  The truth is, I can see energy in the form of light and images (my spirit animals frequent my meditations, as well as goddesses, guides, and other symbols that are not of my mind or memory).  And to enhance and support my super power of holding space for others and giving them the capacity to feel their feels, feel safe doing so, and then guiding them to rise… I AM super intuitive. 

I share all of this with you for two reasons:

1. We all have gifts from spirit that can be tapped into… they look different for all of us… and if you find that you can feel, see, hear, and/or witness things in a way that seems other worldly, you’re not crazy- you can, and I’m so HAPPY for you that you have recognized this gift!

2. I am finally here to own that I am Jillian Bolanz, Intuitive Life Coach.  

That feels SO good.  Like I said, “Life Coach” didn’t seem to quite encapsulate what I do.  Yes, I’ve got strategy up the wazoo and we’ll get to those things but first and ALWAYS it’s about energy, recalibrating to your truth, and amplifying from that place!

Friends, life is really amazing.  Even more so when you ask the question, “So, what is the POINT of all of this?!” and you start to understand on a deeper level why exactly you are here during this space and time.  

Stepping into ourselves and our gifts is a process, a journey… and participating in it, watching it all unfold and allowing yourself to transform with it, makes it a freaking CELEBRATION!

With so much love and light,

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