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In this episode of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz, I had the DIVINE pleasure to speak with a mentor and role model that I have followed for about ten years.  Cara Alwill Leyba is a Master Life Coach, a best selling and award winning author, the host of the Style Your Mind Podcast, and the creator of The Champagne Diet.  Cara is “obsessed with women on the edge of change” and has created an entire brand and life around empowering women, helping them to evolve and grow in to the best versions of themselves consistently, truth, honesty, Chanel, and champagne.  And she is amazing!

Throughout this episode we talked about all that Cara has accomplished after she shared with us how she took the, accidental, first step into the entrepreneurial world.  She gave us insights on the importance of self-discovery, uplifting other women, surrounding yourself by people that are going to honor your desire to grow, and spirituality.  

Beyond these deep, beautiful topics though, Cara brought us down the path of how important it is to honor each iteration of yourself along your journey.  It’s going to take hard work.  It’s going to require self-care, feeling the feels, and then bouncing back up after you fall.  And through it all, you get to constantly reinvent yourself, and amplify yourself so that your brand and business represents YOU during each step of the journey! 

I was so honored to have Cara on this podcast- I know you will walk away feeling inspired as well as able to confidently walk around OWNING your birth rights to have what it is you WANT.  

Connect with Cara at www.thechampagnediet.com and follow her on Social Media @thechampagnediet!

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