2019 Episode 9: What to do to Bounce back from Curveballs

Life throws us curveballs, and we all KNOW that it is a choice to let an unexpected circumstance throw us in to a negative tailspin.. but also, we are human and sometimes it feels really freaking hard to choose positivity, rainbows, and butterflies when an out-of-the-blue situation arises that causes disruption in your life, work, and plans.

In this episode I walked you through – really openly- how I USED to feel when these things happened to me. I shared about all the raw, nasty emotions and functionality I used to assume when I was functioning in a very wounded masculine, forceful state.

I also walked you through the three things I chose to do, despite all these old feelings being triggered, to ensure that I stayed present with getting back to a state of abundance and gratitude!

The last one may shock you!

Enjoy- and don’t forget… you are a human and it’s okay to feel totally throw off when things don’t go your way, but you can PRACTICE functioning differently in them to best support the way you WANT to live.

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