2019 Episode 24: Raya Al-Hashmi and Honesty within the Creative Life

Good Morning!

I am SO freaking excited this morning you guys!

I have Raya Al-Hashmi with me today! Raya is a 28-year-old personal and business brand photographer who owns a photography company located in Portsmouth, NH. She has shared her story on multiple stages, given voice to the community on her platform People of Portsmouth, and inspires individuals with her positivity, mindset, and lifestyle choices. Raya left her corporate career at 24 to pursue her passion and turn it into profit. She started with over 30k in student loans and very little savings and has turned her company into an over 6-figure business in less than three years. Growing up Raya dealt with major depression, anxiety, substance abuse, many other disorders and strongly believes that living a life that is aligned with our souls desire through radical personal responsibility is essential to moving into a life worth living.

For more info on Raya: www.rayaonassignment.com

Tune in today and get ready to dive into some pretty magical stuff about honesty within the creative life!

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