2019 Episode 19: The Birthing of the Truest You

Good morning!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have literally felt like I have been in postpartum mode. I allowed myself the opportunity a few weeks ago to attend a retreat. Here’s the truth, when we allow for ourselves to stay in that same place all of the time – then our energy can’t be mixed up. So, when we go to different places and surround ourselves with like-minded woman who are having the deep conversations in person – we get to experience pure magic.

My only way of describing the experience that I had at this retreat is that it was like giving birth. It was literally like giving birth to the version of me that I have been laboring for the past 6 months.

Has the year 2019 been a bit sticky, rocky and transformative for you as well?

Tune into the pod today because I go deep about the birthing of the TRUEST you and how to find the joy of it a long the way…



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