2019 Episode 14: How A Band Bailing On A Concert Enhanced My Intuition

Have you ever been to a concert and after 1.5 hours of waiting, the band bailed?

Kid you not, this happened to my husband and I a few weeks ago.

We were fortunate to have a date night together. We had an amazing dinner in Portland, stopped for coffee, and then hit the Lemonheads concert – that my husband was SO excited for. I was excited to spend time and experience this with him!

After waiting…  and waiting… 10:21pm roles around and I mutter, “my goodness my annoyance here is getting pretty high right now!”

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I realized that I had spent the last 40 minutes focusing on the feeling of annoyance. I realized that I had spent the last 40 minutes focusing on my negative feelings, because I didn’t want to say the negative feelings.

What about you? What are you staring at right now that is annoying or bothersome to you? What would happen if you allowed yourself to release that and to come at the situation with a more feelings based angle? How would your life change?

Today, I go deep on how I came to the realization and allowed for myself to align to my super power – which is my intuition. How once I released the focus on annoyance and I tapped into compassion, it opened up space for answers to come because I was in a space of wonder, rather than blame. I was in a state of caring, rather than WTF-ing.

Friends, stop staying stuck in the waiting for the band game!

I am so grateful for you.



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