2019 Episode 13: Money

Good Morning, Sisters!

I am super excited to talk to you today about the six practical and tactical tools that you can do to help get yourselves out of lack energy and bring in the money!

Here’s the thing, when we are in a lack mentality and feeling kind of yucky – there is a weird human part of us that wants to keep us in that space. It’s called the ego – it wants to keep us small and safe. But you and I both know, that our comfort zone isn’t always the safest place for us to be.

Here are my six steps to help get yourself out of lack energy:

1) Feel it… feel all the feelings
2) Dig
3) Call in support
4) Help yourself
5) Energetically uplevel yourself
6) Do it

If this message today serves you, lets talk more about it. Lets celebrate together all of the things that are going to help you move the needle of your life forward!


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