2019 Episode 12: Fog

How many of you have stood in a foggy place in your life?

Stood in a place where you literally couldn’t see two feet in front of you?

Instead of being in the moment and allowing yourself to picture, imagine, and be really present with where you are – you frantically looked around to see into this space and make clarity out of pea soup and wished that you could just see the finish line.

Can I get a hands up?!

Today, I talk about a REALLY important topic ….. try this instead of fearfully staring at the fog – wishing that you could see that finish line.

What if you just trusted in your calling? In what your heart was saying? What if you trusted in the deep knowing that the view is there, that the finish line is there, and that you’re getting there?

I LOVE being able to come to you all with this message that feels SUPER important!

Today’s episode is for everyone – because we have all stood in the fog at one point in life.




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