Do you have those friends in your life that are going to tell you like it is, no matter what?

Thankfully, I have a few of them and lately, I have been seriously astounded at what they have said to me.  

One friend sees me all the time.  She’s witnessed my entire healing journey to date (the physical, emotional, mindset, and spiritual)… thanks to the Marco Polo app (and if you don’t have this app, I STRONGLY recommend it) she’s seen some pretty raw footage and witnessed the full spectrum of emotions- from me crying on my bathroom floor to me laughing hysterically about how amazing the Universe is.  

We were talking one day and I asked her straight up, “Honestly now, how much different does my body REALLY look right now compared to this time last year (when I was suuuuuper lean, 6-8 pounds lighter than I am now, following a meal plan to the T, and before this true internal hormonal, digestive, and physical healing journey began)?”

And she looked me dead in the eye and said, “You do look different… and I know you are asking me on the surface about weight, but honestly, even though you are a little heavier than you were, you look- YOU ARE- LIGHTER! Something has shifted in your energy and that resonates everywhere.”

I saw another friend last week who I get to see, maybeeee once a year.  She was coming up for a surprise visit and as she drove up, I headed into my office to “bust out” as much work as possible before her arrival. 

I got through creating a KILLER module for my True You Academy and though I knew I had a little more time, I was really spent after pouring my heart into creating that content for my ladies in the Academy.  So, I decided to practice what I preach and not FORCE myself to push through more things just because “I had the time”.  Instead, I grabbed a book and my journal and headed outside to read and soak up some rays and wait for her arrival!

Of course, when she got here I jumped up from my seat in the sun, squealing, and gave her the biggest, happiest hug ever.  We sat and chatted for a bit, caught up on SO MUCH, and then headed out to lunch.  

At lunch I was giving her the Cliff Notes version of the energetic and spiritual overhaul I have had and how my whole life, and certainly my business, is farrrrr different because of it.  

And do you know what she said to me?

“Jillian, I have to tell you, not only do I see it,  but I’m so happy to have really got to witness, in the most innocent of moments, how everything you are sharing on social media is ACTUALLY what you are doing now.”

I asked her what she meant and she said these beautiful words:

“When I drove around the corner and saw you outside, sitting in the sun waiting for me… no computer outside with you, not down in your office scrambling, just sitting… I could FEEL how much has changed for you.  You really are flowing.  You’ve really put down the HEAVY baggage you once carried to always be DOING.  I saw you there, BEING.  And my heart is so happy because I finally see you LIVING in your truth.”

As I reflected on both of these conversations this weekend, my heart has felt so light.  

I feel the shifts that are occurring… and sometimes they are FREAKING uncomfortable.  Sometimes I have not a single CLUE what I’m doing.  Sometimes I feel lost.  Sometimes I revert back to that old force mentality.  Sometimes I FEEL heavy- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

But most of the time, I DO feel like I am getting closer and closer to my truth and now to get feedback that THE WORLD can see it, feel it, and be moved by it too? Well, that means more to me than I could ever describe!

My love, I hope you take these two stories and recognize that moments, words, and feelings like this are there for all of us.  When we learn how to trust ourselves enough to participate in the changes that we GET to make… the lightness that is possible is felt by everyone.  

Where in your life can you focus on lightening your load? When is it time to make the shifts within you that are felt and witnessed on the outside?

How can you call in help? From physical, energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional healers?

Or maybe they are calling and it is time for you to answer the call! 

You know I’m here for you – if you need guidance, support, or just a virtual hug… REACH OUT and and let me know how I can best support you.  

I’m sending you so much lightness, today! 


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