I have come to discover of myself that I used to cover up my own personal wisdom, my own thoughts, and my own way of doing things with personal development books, podcasts, interviews, meditations, you name it.  

There is an abundance of information out there and it is all AMAZING (okay, well maybe not all… but all of it is exactly what SOMEONE needs to hear!) but not at the expense of our own internal dialogue.  

You’ve heard me mention before our need to get intimate with ourselves. We are freaking scared out of our MIND to sit with ourselves, asking ourselves what we need and what we BELIEVE, and give ourselves time to CREATE from that space.  

However, if you want to come out into this world and teach with YOUR voice… you need to start tapping into YOUR language.  

It might seem counterproductive to my message about to share these podcast episodes that I recorded today…  but when I recorded each of these four SUPER deeply felt and powerful trainings/ messages, it came from a place of wanting to inspire YOU to take in the lesson and then SPEND SOMETIME WITH YOU to tap into how you feel about them, what resonates for you, etc. 

Taking motivation from outside sources and allowing for it to jog our own internal beliefs is the easiest, and actually most efficient way to get started… because ultimately, you will hear MY words and then you will get to STAND IN YOUR POWER as you decide what is for you and what gets to be tweaked to fit your own language! 

My podcast is called Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz and I’d be honored if you would subscribe to it… but only if you promise me one thing… you will take my words and allow for them to be the catalyst of you then having a conversation with yourself to come up with your own magical words! 

These episodes are to help you AMPLIFY your own beliefs… they are not to be used IN PLACE OF your words, thoughts, and truth!
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Episode 87: The Key Ingredient in Business

Tune in, it’s a quickie, grab a pen, and get ready to write down the ONE WORD
that will change everything for your business if you are ready to
make that the sole ingredient you use!

Episode 88: The Best Piece of Advice I Ever Received
In this episode, I talk all about releasing the comparison between who you are
NOW and the FUTURE version of you and using excitement and joy as the
navigational tools to move you closer and closer to that person you are excited to become!

Do you worry about what people think of you? Like to the point where it’s debilitating? I did too. 
Until I started asking myself these two powerful questions and it shifted everything for me. 
These questions helped me to reclaim my power and I PRAY that when you apply them,
they do the same for you!

If you go into your day telling yourself that you are “too busy” or that you are going
to be “so tired”, then it is almost certain that you will ensure you are right by doing
the things to ensure that those words become truth- even it it doesn’t serve you. 
Find out what to do instead!

Remember, these are here to TEACH YOU but also so that you can take what you have learned and see how they resonate with how YOU feel and the words YOU want to speak.  

You can find these and all my other podcasts right on my website www.jillianbolanz.com/podcast and I’m curious… do you have a podcast? Do you have a blog? Do you have a platform upon which you speak? Let me know how I can support you with YOUR words! 

Love you so much,

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