There is a special time of the year where the sun is the highest and brightest in the sky…

Where our lifeforce is invigorated as we bask in the fullness of true solar power…

Where clarity is gained as the sun’s rays touch every path… every opportunity… every truth…

How would it feel to work with the power that is available to you during this sacred time?

To remember that it’s not just a season… but there is deep, rhythmic, primal energy available to you to help you to truly thrive?

You have very special gifts seeded within you.

And it’s during the summer time you have the divine opportunity to pour light on these gifts, dance in their abundance, and prepare them to impact the world as they were meant to!


Is it time to stand tall, like the mighty sunflower, open fully, and embody all that you are meant to become?

Is it time to participate in your BECOMING?!


Between the Summer Solstice and Autumn equinox, is a sacred three month period of rapid light gathering and growth.

Like the heliotropic sunflower, you need only to face the sun to gather its light and use it as fuel to grow, blossom, and create seeds that will carry the work you do now, into the infinite future.

And I’m going to show you how to do just that in my brand new program:


BECOMING is a three month, solar-powered, sisterhood collective where the focus will be on:

  • Getting crystal clear on your gifts and turning that clarity into creation (those seeds within you are meant to both bloom and be gathered + spread into the world, sister)

  • Magnetizing abundance to you with mid-summer, lifeforce energy (the sunflower doesn’t chase the bee, she opens fully and allows the bee to come to her)

  • Drawing on the highest energetic point of the year to participate in becoming who you are actually, wholly, divinely destined to be (max power begets max power… time to own it and impact!)


BECOMING is for the creative, spiritual soul sister who is ready to know + embody her brilliance and feels called to give back + serve the world with her gifts…

Maybe it’s creating a business…

Maybe it’s writing the book…

Maybe it’s creating the art…

Maybe it’s speaking up in the meetings with a whole new empowered energy…

Maybe it’s owning being a medicine woman and serving your family in this deeply intuitive way…

In BECOMING, I will help you figure out your gifts + release any blocks or confusion you have + support you in whatever way YOU want to leverage those gifts to make the impact you are MEANT to make as you become the aligned woman you were always meant to be!

Oh, and we’re going to make like the sunflower and use the most potent solar energy to guide us! 


☀️Do you KNOW you have gifts within you, but need some clarity on what they are and how to use them?

☀️Do you really want to use THIS summer’s joyful, cyclical energy to participate in turning your clarity into creation?

☀️Do you want to enter autumn ready to harvest the manifestations of your gifts because you showed up, played, and created this summer?

Doing the deep dive into all of this is what BECOMING is all about! 


What does this solar-powered program look like?

This is an action-focused group… because if your gift is ready to be revealed and turned into a way to serve, we gotta MOVE on it!

Intuitive coaching + spiritual practice + guided meditations + gatherings + have a personal experience being guided through the seven stages of the sunflower BECOMING curriculum


-Voxer coaching group

-7 New + Full Moon activation meditations

-3 Group Ceremonies

-Weekly spiritual self-discovery + gift embodiment practices

-Solar Powered “Office Hours” to support you with your ACTION!


In the summer we’ve got the energy to play, create, and revel in our vitality.  Imagine bringing your gifts to life in THOSE conditions?! Delicious!

If you’re ready to activate the lifeforce within you and turn your inner gifts into a tangible way to make an impact, join BECOMING now! 

Payment plans are available to make this SUPER accessible for you!

If you’re ready to participate in the summer’s activation energy to take action on your creation –


To the moon, Jillian