I’m SO excited for you, sister!

You’re here to turn solar-powered activation into action…

To gain clarity on your gifts and turn them into creation…

To participate in all you are BECOMING! 

Below, you’ll find *THREE* payment options to make this super accessible!

*If VENMO is easier for you, let’s do it girlfriend – please send your payment to @jillianbolanz and email me jillian@jillianbolanz.com to confirm receipt of payment + to receive your welcome email! 

Option 1 – 4 Payments of $400

Option 2 – 2 Payments of $800

Option 3- Full Payment of $1,600 

Option 4- Book a Clarity call to talk through the logistics with Jillian 

FILL OUT THIS FORM + I’ll be in touch to schedule your call!

Activating yourself through the power of the sun and with a solar-powered community will be the greatest gift you could ever allow yourself to receive- especially come fall time when it’s time to HARVEST!

I’m so excited to guide you through BECOMING!