Good Morning!

I am hustling and bustling getting ready for True You Live this week… it’s the final count down… buzzer is about to go off… and in just a blink of an eye it is legit going to be SHOW TIME! 

So, I wanted to just send you a quick empowerment love note today reminding you that YOU are capable of building whatever it is you truly WANT.  

Six years ago, I was miserable.. My negative self-talk was out of control, my body shaming was horrendous, I was stressed at work because I literally thought that was a requirement of climbing the ladder… I felt out of control.

Six years ago I didn’t know that one day I would be on a stage, speaking to 100+ women in a power-packed day of inspiration, self-discovery, and self-love… 

But what I did know was that, at the time, I was not doing a single thing I loved.  

So, I started getting curious.  I started asking myself what it would feel like to live in joy.  I started asking myself what life would be made up of if celebration was the key.  I started asking myself what I truly WANTED.

And step by step, I started doing those things.  

It wasn’t an overnight change.  And I dare say, I’ve only scratched the surface of what I’m capable of- even with this epic event coming! But I’m doing it.  I’m building it .  I’m booking the venue and purchasing the swag and loving on my soul sister fellow humans who are looking for guidance in THEIR own upleveling.  

And it’s beautiful.  

And if I can do it… my love, there is zero percent chance that you can’t do it too! OF COURSE YOU CAN! And today… you get to START!

If you already have your ticket for True You Live- I’ll see on you Saturday… if not, please get yours HERE or go to and get yourself in the space to give yourself the opportunity to start building YOUR life made up of YOUR truth! 

Love you,

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