When I say MANIFESTATION, what comes up for you?

I know for me, whenever I heard the world manifestation, I understood the general concept, but I was still disconnected from HOW to do it “properly”.  

Now, many people in the spiritual space will tell you “There is no right or wrong way to manifest… simply tap in and all that you want will soon become a reality…”

Yaaaa… I believed that crap for all of zero seconds. 

And the truth is… I was on to something.  Because when I finally scooped up my pride and asked the question I had been wondering for a long time, “But HOWWWWW?!?!” guess what? I got the freaking answer! 

So, first… yes.  It’s true… there is no right or wrong way to manifest- but there are some key elements that you NEED in order to set the wheel in motion… and without these things, well, you don’t have to worry about doing it right or wrong, because the process simply wasn’t able to start at all!

I’m going to share the written basics with you here (because truthfully.. having the words to put toward my general intuition changed EVERYTHING for me)… but I also want to share THIS VIDEO with you.  I am currently hosting a Laughter and Lunar Life Coaching Intensive Group (which is BOMB by the way… omg I’m having so much fun!) and in that group I’ve been doing a mini training about energy, happiness, and any/everything in between.  

And well this video (click the video below!), which tells the full story on how my son, our trip to Dunkin Donuts, and the worry he had was literally the best metaphor I could have ever witnessed for what we do to SABOTAGE ourselves, shares EVERYTHING! It’s 8 minutes long and if you REALLY want to learn about manifestation and how to change your life by way of calling in all that you believe is meant to be yours… then TRUST ME… this is 8 minutes you will praise all that is holy that you gave yourself! 

This is a completely free gift to you- it’s what I wish I had YEARS ago!

Okay, so now… How to Manifest:
Drop the words “I just WANT it so bad” and replace it with “I trulyyyy BELIEVE it is out there and coming to me right now”.  And if you don’t yet believe that it is, or that you are worthy of it, or that you are supported in the creation of it… THAT is where you start.  Wanting something implies that you don’t have something and never will… Believing implies that you DO have something and you are excited about participating in the creation of bring it to yourself.  

2. Invite the Universe along for the Ride
Dudette, I know you are amazing… but you aren’t in charge of EVERYTHING (thank GOD!) and it’s going to be a lot easier if you recognize that you are already supported… so get excited about co-creating with the Universe, God, your Spiritual Team, or *enter your preferred higher power terminology here*

3. Increase your Energy and Keep it Up!
We don’t attract what we WANT… we attract what we ARE… you want to attract in some massively huge, incredible, life-shifting things? Then sister… raise that vibration so that you MATCH whatever it is you are ready to call into your life!

4. Have FUN
Joy, my sweet love, is the EASIEST way to feeling abundant… so, when you go to make a decision about ANYTHING ask yourself these two things: 1. Is this what I want?! 2. Does this feel FUN?! and if the answer to both is YES… then you will have a clear pathway to call in what you want! 

5. Stay Excited, yet Unattached
Sister, you’re gunna get some curve balls… and that’s AWESOME! It’s part of the fun because we aren’t MEANT to know how the things that we are ready to manifest in are going to come to us.  By allowing the Universe to do her thing, we get to release our expectations on the way things have to be (WAHOO!!) and simply remain excited for all that presents itself that we would have NEVER been able to image by ourselves (a la, why inviting Divine Powers into all of this with us is KEY and such a blessing).  

Remember… we are excited to bring in what we believe is ours… but we are unattached from the “how” it’s going to happen!

6. Enjoy the Ride
We get so caught up on focusing on what we *hope* things will be like for the future OR we worry that it won’t actually happen… and in doing either of these things, we forget that when we participate in the joy of the present moment, we actively manifesting each step along the way toward that which is coming to us! Oh… and it’s way more FUN!

7. Trust
That’s all.  Trust that of course it is, of course you are, and of course, of course, of course.  It’s yours.  Trust it.  

Okay my love… this was amazing… it felt so good to get to write this out to you and stand super convicted in the fact that I know what the heck I’m talking about.  My intuition + my tireless truth seeking led me to these things… and now I get to teach them to you! 

If you want to chat further about manifestation, creating your ideal life and/or business, and releasing all the crap that’s holding you back, CLICK  HERE to schedule your call! 

Love you so much,

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