Okay questions, how AWESOME would it be if you actually PARTICIPATED in your own journey? Like you looked around you and actually WITNESSED how much you are evolving? How magical would that feel? How empowered would you be? 

I personally find that when I am actually being present in the fact that I am transforming, I am far more motivated to continue growing, learning, and bringing in a solid combo of doing + being.  

It’s not always easy- but it’s super vital to really ENJOYING all of life! 

Often times we look back and remember moments with such tenderness and wistful longing. Or we look forward and live our lives in the “I can’t wait until I _____(have, accomplish, feel, look)” mode.  

My friend, how can we remind ourselves that we get to be here now, and actively participate in our own evolution. 

That which we experienced WAS great.  That which we want WILL BE amazing.  But you know what’s also pretty freaking, awesome?


I recorded a killer podcast on this topic that you can listen to HERE.  It’s one of my best and I know will help you enhance this message… the more we take something in- the more meaningful it becomes.  So, tune into Episode 67: How to Participate in Your Own Evolution on the Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz podcast to take it in!

But here are some tips that REALLY work for me to  help me get IN IT with actively participating in my own journey:

1. Set intentions- not just on what you have to do, but more importantly, on how you want to FEEL.  We’ve all got a bazillion things to do, but we get to determine how we FEEL as we do the things.. deciding how we want to feel totally changes the trajectory for all that is available to us!

2. Senses moments– throughout the course of the day, no matter what I am doing, I look around me and feel gratitude for what I am taking in through my five senses.  Random things too.  Like stepping out of the car and witnessing that the rain is really amplifying the smell of the freshly cut grass… or sitting at my computer and feeling the coziness that is the blanket I’m wrapped in.  These little things matter and having an appreciation for them will allow for you to better appreciate where you are in the journey.

3. Asking yourself why– all day we end up telling ourselves fairy tales about why we can or can’t do something.  If I start telling myself that I can’t have, be, experience something- I follow it up with a “why?!” and an “is that even true?” question.  It’s helped me uncover a lot of limiting beliefs and allowed for me to flip the script, get brave, and experience things I potentially never would have simply because I had falsely trained myself that I couldn’t!

4. Getting in-person feeling the energy exchange that happens when you are in inspiring situations or with like-minded people who GET IT, who are going to stretch you, encourage you, and help you BLOOM into an even greater version of yourself is VITAL for me and my life, relationships, and business.  I swear, I’m a much better mom, wife, and friend because I actually attend events who’s mission is to help me walk away more amplified! True You Live, the event I am hosting on October 13th in Portland, Maine is literally set up to do just this for you.  Get your tickets HERE … this will be HUGE in helping you participate in your own journey! 

I hope this all helped you.  I hope the thoughts, the podcasts, the invitation to future opportunities all help you.  Mostly though, I hope you CHOOSE to recognize that it is within you… the ability to do all the things your heart desires is there! You are amazing and powerful… take the inspired action, trust yourself, and enjoy the ride!

In truth and love,

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