Yes, I said healing.  

We often look at our bodies as entities with weight to gain or lose, as broken machines that simply don’t work correctly, as fatigued engines that can never rev as high as they “should”.  

At least, that’s how I used to look at my body.  And truth be told, I’m still unpacking a lot of the old, tired baggage I’ve carried around about my body simply not being good enough.  Not functioning as it should.  Not being capable.  

At the beginning of this year, I walked into the room that my husband was in- he was actually about to start working out… so he thought.  Until I stepped forward, with my body so bloated that it literally looked like I was 6 months pregnant (and I’ve been 6 months pregnant twice, so that is not an exaggeration… I know what that looks like on me…), and I.FREAKING.LOST.IT. 

I was in pain. I was chronically constipated.  I did not get a period.  I could not release the negative body-image issues I’d carried since I was 10 years old.  I felt lost and broken.  

And through straight up WEEPING tears I said to him, “I need an ARMY.”

And, when you are at that point… on your knees, begging for change, DECLARING what you need, and are FINALLY open and ready to receive it… guess what? You flipping call it in! 

Over the past month, I have manifested INCREDIBLE healers to my life: physical therapists, healthy living experts, gut health and nutrition ninjas, chiropractors, a naturopath, and oodles upon oodles of different life and spiritual coaches of my own.  

To be honest- I’ve built my army so deep and so strong now (when I was on the floor, sobbing next to my husband, I literally had ONE healthcare provider on my team- my chiropractor, who I’m so grateful for) that as I was at my naturopath appointment last week I was literally in APPOINTMENT FATIGUE mode! I had gone from having none to having like 8 in a week.  

It’s a lot.  Healing takes a lot of work.  But also, so does being in pain.  

Here are my lessons for you:
1. You are not broken
2. You are worthy of healing… not just putting a band-aid on the scrap, but actually digging to the freaking roots and tearing that sucker out
3. When you start healing, you will be presented with what seems like an unending supply of options, opinions, and opportunities… don’t dive right in (I know you want to)… give yourself a second to BREATH and trust your intuition
4. There is no one size fits all in clothing or healing… What works for your sister may not work for you… But whatever YOU need will be provided and found out over time
5. It’s never ending… but once you start and you learn how to have FUN with it… amazing doors will open!

I’m still deep in my journey- and it seems like A LOT right now… but I also KNOW that I called these healers in and they are here to help me in their own, individual ways, for a reason! 

There is an army available for you too.  Spiritually and Logistically, you are always being supported… lean in. 

And if I can be one of your warriors, I’d feel honored to.  Ask.  Ask for what you need.  Call ’em in.  Call ME in. 

Sending you so much truth and love today!


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