First, I want to start out by saying, it is flipping so fun to be an ever student and then get to teach as you go.  When I look at my life a few years ago, never would I have imagined writing an email to my tribe about new moons, cycles, and energy “stuff”.

I honestly never really thought twice about these things.  They weren’t high on the “things I care about” list.  

These were the days of forcing myself to work like a dog, getting frustrated when I couldn’t squeeze an extra 10 minutes out of the finite 60-minute hour, and never feeling quite aligned.  

Now a days, I still work – and love what I do – but I really have learned and continue to try to work WITH my body, my feelings, and the abundant energy that is around us.  PARTICULARLY because I am a female, I have discovered that I simply cannot function in the exact same, clockwork way, day after day.  

Hormonally, women are ebbing and flowing.  This translates into our moods, bodies, and to-do lists needing to require different things for us throughout the month.  In a very masculanized world where we have been trained to GO GO GO, our powerful, divine, space, and creativity seeking feminine energy has been diminished.  Many of us have forgotten how to tap in.  

But the exciting part is- we are starting to remember.  In the village I have created and become a part of over the past year or so, I’m surrounded by women… some know the words to describe what it is we are remembering, some just feel that internal pull.  

Have you felt an internal nudging? A little whisper within you? A calling from the deepest, wisest, Goddess within… letting you know it’s time to do things differently than you have been? It’s time to honor who you actually are?

Me too! And who I actually am is not someone who WANTS to force my way through, unhappy, and yet expect radiant, joyful results.  

Now, I want to understand what is happening within and outside of my body, and sync the physical with the energetic to really amplify feelings of freedom, expansion, happiness, and free flowing power!

THIS is where the moon cycle comes into play! 

I am just starting to learn about this on a deeper educational level, but the fact is, intuitively I have “known” in my gut much of what I am learning to be true.  

Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and just as the moon guides the tides of the ocean, so too does it guide us! And for women, because we are designed to create and sustained life within our bodies, which requires a cycle, it only makes sense that our cycle be guided by the energy forces that are already guiding the rest of our bodies.  

(More on this in my next email to you… but just wanted to loop that in now to bring it to your attention!)


What can we do to start aligning with the powers of the energy that is already guiding every drop of whatever on our vast planet- including the beings who roam it?

We can honor it.  We can tap into how we feel.  We can utilize the pulls that occur within during different phases of the moon, which include doing ALL the things during part of it, and resting during another parts, to live in flow as often as possible.  

The New Moon, the beginning of the cycle, the energetic time to start anew, is an amazing time to set intentions on things you would like to do, manifest, create, and feel.  

The Full Moon, is a time for letting things go, focusing on all that which you want, and shedding whatever is holding you back.  

Both are deeply powerful times and the energy felt around these two cyclicer events is super magnified (hello, anyone ever work in a hospital like me, before? Or work in a classroom with tiny humans? It’s true that there is a lot more “going on” during the full moon, especially!)

Here is what I really recommend you do to best take in, utilize, and then amplify YOUR energy based on what is going on in the cosmos:

1. Do what feels good to YOU.  You will get recommendations from me and for others as you dive deeper into this world, but really, only you know what you WANT to do.  (Example, I’m a meditating laying down kinda girl… others will tell you that that doesn’t root you “correctly” and I think that’s freakin garbage… it’s how I feel the best, and FEELING the best we possibly can is the goal!)

2. Take some time away from people, work, everything else to ask yourself how you are feeling and what your intuition is asking of you.  (Example, on June 13th with the New Moon in Gemini, I tried to pick a fight with my husband before going for a run, because ultimately I felt guilty about asking for time to go for one.  Whyyy did I feel guilty? Well, I thought I was taking time away from him and my sons.  Because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for them. Because I never feel like I’m doing enough for them.  Because I try to be all the things and I can’t.  Because I don’t feel worthy within myself to ask for time to take care of myself when I feel like I need to do a better job taking care of them.  Because I don’t feel worthy.  I don’t feel worthy.  OHHHHH… I tried to pick a fight because I didn’t feel worthy and it was easier for me to blame him then to look at my own BS.  Gotcha.  Holy vulnerable, but I only figured this out because I gave myself time to ask the question “What in the actual F was REALLY going on when I tried to pick that fight before I went for my run?!”

3 Grab some crystals, oils, statues, etc. Anything that is going to ground, calm, and allow for you to tap into your feelings and dream into what your heart is calling you to do.  

4. Do a meditation.  I literally will search in YouTube “new/full moon meditation for ________ (date)” and I will let the words of people who are REALLY knowledgeable with this “stuff” guide me.  

5. Journal.  You’ve already taken time to ask yourself how you are feeling, you’ve grounded yourself, and you’ve meditated.  Now it’s time to write it all out.  

The New Moon is a particularly powerful time for setting intentions for how you want to feel and what you want to create.  The Full Moon is a powerful time to take an inventory of what is going on, what you have done, and how you would like to move forward by releasing what doesn’t serve you.  

As you journal, let it all spill out.  Whatever you “saw” or felt in your meditation.  How you are feeling in your physical body.  How you want to feel as you step into this new lunar month.  Write out what you are looking forward to accomplishing within your relationships, your business, and your extra-curricular activities.  

Write out what brings you joy and what will continue to bring you joy- because it is from living within a state of joy that we will call in exactly what it is we want! 

Other rituals you may want to consider are saging to clear the old energy and create space for the new, charging crystals, taking a bath, joining a group meditation… again, whatever FEELS good! 

I hope this first email was helpful… in the next I will dive deeper into my own experience with the female cycle and how that aligns with the moon… but I figured we would start here to give you a base of knowledge and some tangible to-dos when it comes to those beautiful times of the month where the sky is either black or the brightest it will get- depending on where that beautiful (feminine) moon is in the sky!

If this is interesting to you and you’d like to talk more deeply about your goals for your life and business and how you are ready to work WITH the energy that surrounds us rather than force against it, please either respond to this email or set up a time to chat with me at

You are worthy. 

In truth and love,

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