Last week I shared with you about all that I do around the new moon and full moon with intention setting, meditating, and creating space for myself to release what is no longer serving me and amplify what is.

This week, I’m going to bring the moon cycle to a whole new level for you (based on my words and perspective of what I am learning from many other sources)! I know that my mind was totally blown when I first heard this, but as it presented more and more (as lessons from the Universe tend to when it is something we are meant to learn), it started to make more sense and I started to get SO excited about it all.

Bazillions of years ago (okay I don’t know how many exactly, so we are going to go with “bazillions”), most women’s menstrual cycle was congruent with the cycle of the moon.

Similar to now a days when you find that you start to sync with the cycle of your sisters at home or female roommates in college, at one point we were all synced! And the energy behind this? The moon and where it stood in the sky!

I’m reading a book right now called The Red Tent (it’s incredible… a novel from the perspective of Deena, the daughter to Abraham who had 11 sons in the bible… the youngest was Joseph- you may be familiar with “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”…). In this book, the reader is presented with the concept of how deeply honored the woman’s period was- so much so that a red tent would be constructed at that time of the month, every month, and the women would all congregate under it to rest,
share stories, and honor their bodies. This was true Goddess time… tribe and ritual time… sisterhood time.

According to another book I’ve shared about with you, Woman Code (which is an amazing book that, among other things, gives you tons of information on how to eat, exercise, and live to best support your body depending on where you are within your cycle) there are four phases to our female cycle. And these four cycles can actually be consolidated into two major energy cycles- each lasting 14 days (ish) long… and wouldn’t ya know it, there are 14 days from the new moon to the full moon and 14 days from the full moon back to the new moon.

If we think about it- the moon controls the ebb and flow of the tides. Our bodies, like our planet, are made up of mostly water… so wouldn’t it make sense that our bodies would feel the same energetic pull of the source that controls the mighty ocean!?

So there’s the really cool background… here are some quick bullet points I find fascinating and hope you will too:

When most women bled together “back in the day” it was at the new moon…
The first 14 days of our cycle, new moon to full moon, the Menstrual and Follicular phases, are associated with DOING, “waxing”, high energy, renewal and rejuvenation, and ACTION
-The second 14 days of our cycle, full moon to new moon, the Ovulatory and Luteal, are associated with BEING, “waning”, going inward and getting reflective, self-care, recovery, and STILLNESS
-According to eastern medicine, there are seeds and oils that can be taken during the first and second half of your cycle to help regulate your hormones and sync with your cycle – and the reason I know this is because I am actually doing this right now! I haven’t had a natural period since before going on birth control when I was 18… and haven’t had any period since my last synthetic, birth control pill inducing bleed when I was 25… now that I am working on healing my body and getting my body to a place of homeostasis with my cycle, I am consuming ground flax seeds and pumpkin seeds with fish oil during the
first half of the lunar cycle and ground sunflower seeds and sesame seeds with evening primrose oil during the second half of the lunar cycle.

So, why does all this matter?

Well, what would happen if we started honoring ourselves- our feelings and emotions, what our body is asking of us in terms of action and rest, our willingness and wants- understanding that these things are never going to be the same from day to day?

What if we started making decisions about business, social commitments, capacity of what we can give and receive AROUND our cycle?

What if we unraveled and unsubscribed ourselves from the very masculinized 24 hour cycle that the world tells us that we should function in, and tapped into our divine 28(ish) day cycle that our female selves have gifted us with?

Now, perhaps your cycle doesn’t align perfectly with the moon, or within 28 days, or maybe you are like me and don’t have a period (yet!) to serve as a guide post for all of the above.

That’s okay! You still have a cycle… and if you start to pay closer attention to what your body is physically doing, but more importantly, how you are FEELING throughout the month- you will start to pick up on cues and gain insights on where you fall within the cycle at certain times!

This is a whole different way of thinking- but what if starting to learn, acknowledge, and participating in it GAVE YOU a whole different way of living?! Of thriving?!

That’s how I’m looking at all this now… knowing myself more deeply and trusting the guidance of the energy that is around me can only make LIFE, this one divine life, better!

If you want to talk more about this- please respond to this email or shoot me a message on facebookIG, or through … Obviously I’m pretty psyched to be able to share what I have learned and would love to help you through, personally, if that will serve you!

I hope you have the most incredible Monday, and remember, you are so freaking amazing even the MOON wants to be a part of you!

Love you so much,

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