Hey! Goodness am I freaking so pumped, and admittedly, a little emotional, about writing this love note to you right now!

The #JillianBolanzMMretreat in my home and in and around Portland, Maine has come and gone and it was an INCREDIBLE success on so.many.levels.  First of all, I feel that the flow of the weekend went just wonderfully- action packed and mind-blowing at times, followed by slower, recharging calm moments at other times.  Ultimately I feel like everyone got exactly what they NEEDED out of the weekend and here’s why: 

We all showed up!

We showed up physically to learn and experience and BE THERE.. but we also showed up emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and energetically to BE THERE! Being able to provide the space for women to come together in their empowered truth is my mission with our Mastermind, and to be able to do that online is so incredible… but then getting to come together IN PERSON to experience the joy, energetic vibration, and LOVE that is within us all… well, that’s just world shifting! 

So here are my Top 5 Favorite Things from our Mastermind Retreat! 

1. The people that said YES to themselves and who manifested this tribe and opportunity! 
At dinner, two of the women in my Mastermind declared that they had manifested our group.  They have been purposefully asking the Universe for a group of women who worked, functioned, and lived on a higher frequency.  Women who were kind, uplifting, empowering, collaborative, dedicated, loyal, and go-getters.  And as we sat around the table we all looked at each other in awe because we were HERE! We all individually said YES to ourselves, but it was never about just us as individuals.  Doing life and business is so much more powerful, impactful, and fun when you do it with life-minded, soul-shifting humans.  I’m going to list our current Mastermind Sisters here with a link to their Instagram handle – follow them, feel their warmth, allow for them to feel more connected to your truth! Who knows, maybe you’ve been manifesting us as well! 

Jillian Bolanz
Amber Cornwall
Nicki Ong
Donna Gotlib
Danielle Bonney
Kate Wrytrawl
Caitlin Earle
Lorri Randle
Julie Spain
Michaella Giorgio

2. The spaces we used to amplify the weekend!
I absolutely loved all the places we chose to utilize to make the most of the weekend.  I invited everyone to stay at my home- if I know one thing it’s that my tribe loves getting cozy in our yoga pants with a cup of tea or glass of wine at the end of the night- because we just like being together! So, we stayed at Chateau de Bolanz for breakfasts, to sleep, and our Sunday wrap-up session, but we also LOVED the other places we visited that enhanced our retreat! 

Friday night we went to the Royal River Grill House for our welcome dinner (and it was amazing!).
Saturday we had our training day at the Think Tank Coworking space in Portland, ME (which I HIGHLY recommend… such an awesome vibe)!
Saturday we got lunch from Sisters Gourmet Deli, visited Stones and Stuff for a little crystals shopping, and ended our outing with a private wine tasting at Cellardoor Winery at the Point.  It was all amazing, we ate and drank like queens, got to indulge our spiritual selves, and still got to return home for a nice, family style dinner at home! 
Sunday, like I said, our wrap up session was in my living room… cozy in blankets on a cold, icy (spring) Maine morning… and it was perfect.  

3. The people who enhanced our experience!
Okay this one STARTS with my husband, Michael Bolanz… the man did all the behind the scenes work for us- preparing our meals when we were transitioning, getting beds set up for everyone, moving cars, and most importantly, being MY rock for grounding.  

We also got the HONOR of being wowed on a MAJOR deep level by my soul sister, Personal Wealth Coach, and Mamapreneur Liza Witonis.  Seriously, this woman is incredible.  If you are looking for someone who’s passion for giving people freedom from fear over their finances is felt within your SOUL, then Liza is your girl.  She trained us on money mindset, worthiness, and the logistical how-to’s for entrepreneurs and taxes! I’m so grateful because she changed so many lives during her training AND she co-coached with me throughout the day while we were masterminding and it was epic! Check out Liza on her websitewww.lizawitonis.com or on the very first podcast we did together onMorning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz.

We also got the distinct honor of being photographed throughout the weekend by Emily Small of Flutter Focus Photography.  It was so exciting knowing that Em was there capturing our energy and our event so that we will have beautiful pictures to reflect upon! Please check out her website http://www.flutterfocus.com/ if you are in need of a photographer for your events!

Finally, shout out to my sister Sally who came over and helped me clean my house last week… cause seriously, I know my Mastermind ladies love me no matter what, but this house with two small boys needed a little sprucing up before everyone arrived! 

4. The Mother- Daughter bond
This email would not be complete without my sharing that one of my FAVORITE things ever (not just last week) is the mother-daughter bond and relationship that is so deep, so beautiful, so complex, and so ever-evolving over time.  I’ve always been so grateful for the relationship I have with my Mum… and as I’ve grown and turned into a mother myself, it’s evolved and grown and I’ve looked at the way she and I work through different eyes as each iteration comes to fruition.  Over the past few years I have found myself appreciating her and missing her in different ways than ever before because, not only is she my Mumma, but now she is the Nana to my tiny humans- the ones that made me a Mumma.  And witnessing her relationship with THEM is something that brings me such joy and gratitude. 

This weekend my Mum and my step-dad took my boys, as they usually do when I have an event to attend of facilitate… but this time was different because my oldest son came down with a fever.  

It was the WORST.  I spend the VAST majority of my mamapreneur life WITH HIM… and what if he remembers that he couldn’t be with me on the weekend he got sick because Mumma had to work?! Right? Like all the thoughts, all the feels, all the guilt.  

But knowing that he was with MY Mumma (who is not just a Nana but also a Nurse… hello, thank you Universe) meant everything to me.  She told me it would be okay.  She told me that he was going to be totally fine.  She told me that it was okay to feel sad but it’s also okay that I do what I am meant to do by way of my work in the world.  She told me that if he NEEDED me she would call me.  

And I trusted her! 

Of course, he is fine… the fever has broken and he is currently taking a recovery snooze on our couch while his little brother also naps on this drizzly Tuesday morning as I write to you.

But I’m grateful.  So grateful.  I GET to be Mumma and I GET to be a badass business woman who puts on life-changing events for other women.  And I GET to do that  because of the fierce, loyal tribe of supporters I have surrounding me! 

5. Blooming and Amplifying  
Above all else though… I think my absolute favorite thing this weekend was being able to witness the amazing attendees BLOOM in their own individual ways and get encouraged from the soul sisters in the room as it happened.  Everyone had aha moments.  Everyone had growth opportunities that they took.  Everyone learned their worthiness and their message on a deeper level than ever before.  Everyone left ready to AMPLIFY! 

I am so proud.  

Friends, if you have been wondering what it’s like to experience the life-changing effects of a Mastermind, now is the time. 

We are welcoming new people into our sacred group right now.  If you are ready to amplify your life and business, this group is for you.  Either reply to this email so we can set up a time to chat about it or head to www.jillianbolanz.com/mastermind to fill out the form!

Let’s get you in on this tribe to enhance and change YOUR life… and then watch how the ripple effect impacts the rest of the world!

So much love,

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