I have to tell you, writing these blogs, with the hopes, dedication, and belief that they will further enhance your divine ability to feel EMPOWERED from the inside out, gives me SUCH joy.  I spend a lot of time really thinking about what it is I can say that will best serve you throughout your constant transformation… to better serve you and YOUR mission.  

This week was no different, and although the lesson I really wanted you to FEEL this week was a “no-brainer” it didn’t come to me with lightness and ease as some of my trainings, motivation, and teachings do… 

But this week, my wish for you is that you incorporate the word TENDERNESS into all that you are doing.  

I want you to measure your feeling of EMPOWERMENT by just how much TENDERNESS you can show yourself.  

Sometimes feeling empowered comes from doing, achieving, and list checking.  Sometimes it comes from crossing the finish line, seeing manifested dreams come to reality, and throwing your arms up into the sky with a celebratory “I DID IT” air! 


Sometimes, empowerment comes in the quiet moments.  Sometimes it is generated from actually not pushing, but rather, simply BEING.  Sometimes empowerment comes from being willing to be SEEN and witnessed in your most raw, tear-stained, heart-cracked-wide-open moments.  

And in these moments, tenderness is what we need from ourselves… and tenderness is what we GET To invite in from others. 

Last week I was feeling this rawness… my wounds were gaping open… and I was teetering on the edge of tears all week.  Former versions of me would have tried to ignore this.  Previous versions of this very soul who is writing to you now would have tried to cover the pain and feeling of vulnerability with work, or wine, or exercise, or all of the above. 

+{{But if I have learned anything from these past 15 months of self-discovery and spiritual overhaul, it’s that I can try to run from these feelings, but they will always catch me… and if I want GROWTH, then being present in those feelings and actually allowing myself to FEEL them with tenderness and without judgement is the only way.}}+

This is where HEALING takes place.  

So, in honor of my Favorite Five that I have been bringing to you lately, here are five quickies that are all related to EMPOWERMENT THROUGH TENDERNESS:

1. The word tenderness.  To me, it used to be associated with weakness, quite honestly.  But now, after allowing myself to actually GIVE myself what I needed throughout this experience, I see how much strength is required to truly be tender with yourself… and my friend, WE ARE STRONG.  

2. Instagram when it is used to spread truth, allow for people to feel connected, and remind people that in this world of filters and highlight reels, REALNESS is what matters.  Check out THIS POST I made on Friday, where I shared how FINALLY I allowed myself to simply sit and BE (and be held) with my raw emotions.  

3. Women who uplift other women.  You will read about the specifics in my IG post linked above, but when I had this very vulnerable breakdown last week, I was on a business call with soul sister/business partners.  I broke down, which is not only healing in and of itself, but I allowed myself to be SUPPORTED by these women who listened, held space for my pain, and loved me through this tender moment. 

Yes, they are my business partners, but when you do life and business with women who are doing both the internal as well as external work with you, it’s all the same. 

I lead a tribe that was born out of the concept of the Mastermind that I invested into, and if you are interested in taking your life and business to the next level with a tribe like this, CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE 30 min call to learn about our Mastermind! 

4. Early bed times.  One of the most healing things you can do for your being- body, heart, mind, and soul- is to sleep.  Sleep is where we recover.  It is where we recalibrate.  It is where we allow the work we do during our waking times to set into our souls.  Both Friday and Saturday night, post breakdown with my soul sisters, I was in bed before 9pm.  This was a big deal and I’m grateful for the extra rest I gave my body as I physically and energetically recover.  I shared all about it on my Insta-stories actually over the weekend, so again, come on over to Instagram and follow me there for constant tenderness and learning opportunities! 

5. You.  Honestly, you, my blog and email readers, are one of my Five Favorites this week.  Your support, willingness and desire to learn what I have to teach (which is healing for me because it’s all what I have gone through, felt, and figured out), and interaction means the flipping WORLD to me.  Being able to teach and serve YOU allows for me to fulfill callings of my soul.  Writing these emails, connecting with you on social media, training, leading, and simply sharing these thoughts with you is what I am MEANT to do, and I encourage you, if there is anything I can do for you, click REPLY to this email or shoot me a note at jillian@jillianbolanz.com… I would love to speak with you personally to see how I can best serve you. 

I appreciate being able to be really REAL with you… and I hope it allows for you to feel really REAL with YOURSELF and with me! 

Remember, tenderness, my friend! Tenderness is truth… and you deserve to stand in that empowered light that is your truth, my sweet love! 

Have an amazing week! 

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