Happy Monday, Beautiful Tribe!

In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, I figured I would share with you some things that I LOVE in hopes that it will give you some ideas on how to show yourself an even deeper level of appreciation and personal-love! 

Here are this weeks Empowered Favorite Five! 

1. Moana.  No seriously, I freaking LOVE this movie.  I’m THAT mom that when my kids ask to watch a movie I say, “Okay, as long as it’s Moana!” (No, I don’t always say okay when they ask to watch a movie… their cute little bums would be permanently on the couch if they watched as often as they asked and THAT’S not my jam… but I digress…)

So, here’s WHY I love the Disney hit animated film, Moana: Because it is all about how when we live and serve from our hearts, the whole world flourishes in beauty.  When we “lose our heart”, everything begins to fall apart, monsters come about, and we live in fear (ahem… not leaving the reef).  And it’s all about ANSWERING THE CALL… that stirring that  you’ve had all your days… with belief, a fierce trust, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to restore the world back to love.  

And most of all I love the lesson that Moana firmly declares “in the scene with her Grandma”… you know the one… “And the call isn’t out there at all, it’s INSIDE ME.”  Check out my Instagram post on this here (and then follow me there, ESPECIALLY for my Instastories)… I literally LIVE for this line.  It is so FREEING and aligns with my ever-proclamation that our TRUE SELF is worth doing the internal digging for- because everything we need is already INSIDE US ALL!

2. Josh Cabernet.  Now, this is not my all time favorite wine… (I need to do an email solely on Fulchino’s Zinfandel which IS my all time favorite… but I’ll save that for another day…) however, it’s making my FAVORITE list for this week because it has literally never failed me, and I appreciate not only how flipping good it is, but I appreciate being able to count on it for it’s quality! 

As I came home from my Mastermind Retreat a couple weekends ago, I had a few hours at the airport before my flight took off.  So, I found a bar (that in full disclosure, I wouldn’t have chosen if there were any other options… but it ended up being exactly what I needed… thank you, Universe) where I could spread out a little, grab my journal and sip on a glass of wine as I reflected on my notes from the weekend.  There is seriously not much I love more than cozying up with a glass of wine and my journal and allowing my heart to crack open and reflect… and this bar had Josh Cabernet

It was a beautiful moment and I’m grateful for the time, the space, and the comfort of my journal and this yummy wine to give me a moment to be present as FULLY me! 

3. My True You Academy.  So, here’s the thing… I offer a number of different levels of service to the world for Life and Business Coaching.  I work one to one with clients, I lead a Mastermind of women who are working and living at a high-level and are ready to be pushed and guided in their businesses to achieve more and create more of an income, and I also have a FOUNDATION ESTABLISHING Academy that is already providing MAJOR life and business shifts for my clients.  

In the True You Academy, I assume that you have a stirring within you for grander, more, and better.  I assume that you don’t QUITE know what it is you WANT to do, but you are READY to do the deeper, self-discovery diving as well as learn the business building logistics.  

We have women in this group that are having some major breakthroughs and are beginning to either build businesses or level UP their games in huge ways in their current business.  

Mostly, I LOVE the tribe feel and the camaraderie that is innate of this group.  And if you are ready to be surrounded by powerful women who are in the same point of their journey as you and actually learn and be coached through the process… Click Here to enroll now!

4. Epsom Salt Baths. This past Friday night I had plans to do all of the things.  We were going to do our taxes, I was going to write this email far in advance, I was also going to probably learn how to juggle and as well as how to speak Italian… bahaha… until I got SLAMMED with a stuffy head, a tired body, and a mind that needed to rest.  

So, I chose self-care instead and indulged in my favorite detoxifying, relaxing activity… taking an Epson Salt Bath.  If you tune into my “Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz” podcast this coming Friday (it will be episode 40)… you will learn about all that I shed and detoxed from my soul last week… and my body needed to be soothed, bathed, and put to bed early.  

I highly recommend this Lavender Epson Salt from Target! Love the smell! 

5. AND.  My final Favorite for this week is the word And.  But more than the word, my favorite thing is the AND that I have discovered within myself.  This is hard to describe, but last week, I had a really freeing moment with my dear friend and Confidence Coach, Kelsey Abbott.  I invested in a conversation with Kelsey because it was time to release my internal critic- my inner demon who had been haunting me for my WHOLE life.  Again, I will go into a lot more detail in Friday’s podcast, or you can read my post on Instagram HERE, but essentially, I had been burdened with my demons Either/Or my entire life and through my conversation with Kelsey, I was able to release a lot of old self-loathing baggage and allow my demons to become AND! 

I get to be beautiful AND strong.  A badass business woman AND a free flowing spirit who trusts in God.  Perfect now AND still growing.  

I get to be And.  And THAT is my FAVORITE! 

Cheers and Love!

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