I love using these blogs as a an opportunity to share stories and “love note-esque” letters to you, but today I wanted I would try something a little different!

I know I personally love to hear about what people are doing or using that is helping them or feels fulfilling to them, because if their story resonates with mine, I love trying the methods/ services/ or products that those people swear by and tweaking them so they work for me! 

Here are Jillian’s Top 5 Empowering Tips for the Week!

1. Meditation.  I have been referring to the entire month of January, lovingly, as a Push Month.  I had an Academy that launched after an incredible Goals with Soul Webinar (access the Recording Here!).  I also had podcasts interviews to do, a new fitness program to start, a retreat to get ready for, and the list goes on and on.  In carazay times like this, it’s super important to make sure you give yourself space to meditate and center in.  Over the past month, sleep has been put on the back burner a little bit, so I wanted to maximize on it when I was actually DOING IT… so I feel asleep to these gentle sleep meditations by Jason Stephenson.  I don’t know him, but these work for me and I wanted to share them with you.  

2. Date Night. My relationship with my spouse is one of  THE most important things in the world to me.  And just like anything else, the pause button can get pushed way too easily in the midst of the family growth, business growth, or self-growth.  I needed to get out of the house for a few hours this past week and instead of allow the excuses to take over, I booked a babysitter and my husband and I went out WITHOUT EVEN HAVING A PLAN OF WHERE WE WOULD GO.  Now, you don’t need a husband or wife to schedule a date- call a friend, a sibling, or a parent… call anyone who you can simply BE YOU with and see where the road takes you! Like any self-respecting couple with small children we started our date at Target (haha) and then went to one of our favorite, laid back restaurants to chat and snack and simply BE.  Make sure you hit up the Fore Side Tavern in Falmouth, Maine if you are every in the area… the salmon is bomb.   

3. Bathing Suit Shopping.  (Okay, this is going to be a long tip… but there is a lot of emotion here that I want to do justice to…) What did you feel or do when you saw those words? What images popped into your head? I know for me I have a couple different things that come up.  The first is all those tear-filled experiences (mostly from my teenage through late twenties years), staring into the mirror with that AWFUL lighting, loathing the sweet, soulful girl who was looking back at me.  Which sidebar, I just realized that I actively spent more than a decade speaking so unkindly to myself… here’s hoping that if this was going to be ANOTHER one of those years for YOU, you choose the advice below instead.  

The second thing that comes up is longing.  Because there were a few times when I went to try on bathing suits, after I had amazing results from following a fitness program or when I was “back to my pre-baby body” that I felt AMAZING! And of course, once you have those experiences, you LONG to always have them and become saddened when you don’t.  

So much SAD.  So much HURT.  So much anger and self-loathing.  Why do we DO this to ourselves?

This year I wanted to FEEL different. 

I’m going to Florida at the end of this week and yes, I had an indulgent holiday season (with no regrets, I chose that- please check out Episode 30: How to Set SEASONABLE GOALS  on my Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz podcast to hear more about that!) and no, my body doesn’t currently look like any “after photos” I took last year.  But that doesn’t matter.  

I wanted to give myself the gift of getting a bathing suit that honored myself NOW.  Cause, this body, it’s pretty beautiful just the way it is.  I wanted to feel empowered.  I wanted to feel confident.  I wanted to feel FUN.  I wanted to feel like combo cool Mumma, able to run around with her boys freely and sassy wife able to flirt with her husband.  Most importantly though, I wanted to feel like the STRONG and BEAUTIFUL woman I am.  

So, Michael and I kicked off date night at Target on Saturday and I picked up this saucy number.  I chose the pink multi cause I loved the pattern.  It’s light and flirty.  It covers up the tummy but it’s a messy material so you don’t feel suffocated.  I’m a huge fan and if you think you would FEEL fabulous in this, I’d recommend it 100%

4. Nutrition.  To the point of FEELING AMAZING in our bodies, what are you putting in yours? Every single day I drink a shake that is a nutrient dense, superfood packed meal.  I do this, not for weight-loss (though it can aid in that if that’s your goal), but because we Americans, as a general whole, are not getting in enough nutrients we need every day.  I drink this shake simply because, based on the extensive research I’ve done, it has the most nutrients, adaptogens to fight stress (hello working mom life), anti-oxidants, supergreens and phytonutrients, pre and probiotics and digestive enzymes (including  Bacillus coagulans which is the only probiotic to actually get through stomach acid and reach your gut to do what it’s supposed to do!) out of anything else out there. 

Is it more expensive then some, yep.  Because it’s worth more.  Simply put.  Grab yours HERE and see how much better, more energetic, happier, etc. you FEEL in just a couple days time.  (The Vegan Cafe Latte is my favorite, followed closely by Vegan Chocolate!

5. Supported Self-Growth Perhaps you are ready to step into a push season too… perhaps you are feeling like you’ve been stagnant in the water for too long and you are just ready to go with self-discovery so that you can show up in the lives of others, spread your sunshine, and impact them as well (much like this email is doing for you!!).  As I launched Jillian Bolanz’s True You Academy, the most recent service I have available to women who are READY to go there, I had so much support from the Mastermind and Academy I invested into… and it meant everything to me.  I have created the same environment and support system in the True You Academy and if you are ready to learn more about it, Click Here

***Enroll now and you get a free one to one call (limited time only) to allow for you to feel SUPER supported! Any questions, let’s hop on the phone and figure out if the Academy is the right place for YOU!

I honor you so much and I hope that the tools and tips I have shared above will prove to be just as life changing for you as they have been for me!

Cheers and Happy Monday!

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