I’ve got some news for ya…  because it was some tough love news that I, myself, had to face not too long ago…


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You see, I have no problem setting the big goals.  Dreaming BIG is kind of my jam.  HOWEVER. What I found was that, though I was fine to dream big, it was almost to “prove” that I wasn’t afraid to do it… but the fact was, I didn’t BELIEVE in my goals.  

I was setting goals with no soul.  

Can you relate to this? 

Perhaps you are fine to set goals… particularly at the beginning of the New Year because that’s what you “should” do and because it’s “easy” to set a goal during this time… but when it comes right down to it, do you BELIEVE that your goals will actually come true? 

Do you WANT to do the things necessary to ensure that they do come true?!

Friend, setting goals is INCREDIBLY important… but NOT if it’s not in alignment with who you actually are, what you actually want, and are willing to work toward! Then it honestly doesn’t even matter because you won’t act on it anyway.  

I’d like to invite you to start DREAMING in a way to bring about what you WANT in your life.  I’d like to COACH you through your goals and help you to set goals that you WANT to go after because you BELIEVE they will come true.  

I want you to make CERTAINTY STATEMENTS as opposed to aimless VISION BOARDS.  

And I’m going to teach you HOW to do all this on Wednesday, January 24th @ 8pm EST on my Free Live Coaching Webinar Event.  It’s not your typical webinar… yes, I’ll teach and there will be a couple pretty slides… but I’m going to actively COACH you. 

We are going to get cozy, get real, and get your mind settling in on goals that are in alignment with what you actually WANT!!! 

Here is the link to registering for this webinar.  This is going to be POWERFUL so make sure you secure your seat!! 


I can’t wait to help you start to create the life you want by helping you align your goals with your PURPOSE! 

See you there! 

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