September 11, 2017
September 11, 2017

Good Morning, my sparkly friend! Did ya check out the definition that I placed in BOLD, at the very beginning of this blog, for less than subtle effect? Let me ask you a question… where do you KNOW you need to RESET? Like, the second I even said it, your mind went directly to ________?

Where do you either need to renew or re-calibrate in  away that brings you back to homeostasis? Back to your original position? Back to the TRUE you?

There may be one big area of your life right now that you need a reset.  Perhaps it’s nutrition, business building, the amount of stress you have taken on, your exercise routine, the way you are spending your money, your time-management routines, how you are parenting, how you are showing up in a relationship or many relationships.  Perhaps one of these HUGE areas in life needs for you to push the big ol’ reset button.  

Or perhaps you are feeling like there is nothing MAJOR that needs to be reset but all of the above could use a little bit of tweaking.  

Whatever it is- thank GOODNESS for that feeling.  When we feel a stirring within us that tells us that it’s time to start over, that is an invitation from our inner, deepest most source of LOVE to return to who we really are. And the reason this is such a gift is because, far too often, we (or people we know, or people we’ve witnessed) just bumble around in a “ho-hummery” mindset and way of being- where you really don’t FEEL good… but also don’t much care, think you deserve, want to “waste time”, want to take the actions necessary to CHANGE.  

I invite you, today… instead of resisting the stirring within you- the love that is in there, that is pleading within you to push the reset button- CELEBRATE it! It doesn’t have to be scary and it doesn’t all have to be done at once.  But taking one step back to your TRUE self, will not only help you to FEEL better… it will allow for you to live your life in the way that feels BEST to you! 

I will share with you… yesterday I started a total body reset and detox.  I actually wanted to do it earlier this year but the timing between breast feeding and other opportunities that presented themselves didn’t allow for me to do this.  

But I’m ready now.  
I’m ready to clear out the CRAP that has been bogging me down physically- which absolutely bogs be down mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  When my body doesn’t FEEL good, neither does my soul.  
I have been making a lot of transitions over the course of this year… and now I’m ready to push the button, get all the way back and centered within my physical body… 

…and what this is doing is creating SPACE for me to reset and receive in other areas of my life that have nothing to do with nutrition and physical body… but then again, have everything to do with it because we are not just separate portions of ourselves… we are all one.  Everything we feel, think, touch, eat, choose, believe, trust, love, move through, bring in, release… it is all connected.  

So here’s a quick recap… a little exercise you can do to take that first step:
1. Get good and honest with yourself… where do you need to totally RESET, “detox” in a way?
2. How would it FEEL to do this? To renew? To put yourself back to your original position?
3. What is the first thing you have to do to make this happen?
4. When are you going to start?

I’ll share more about my journey as I experience it- but for now… know that that is the exact process I went through a couple weeks ago as it became very evident that I can’t press forward in life without resetting, realigning, and feeling good in my body and my soul.

If you are interested in learning more about the program I am actually following, please hit REPLY to this email- I’m happy to share all the specific details about it with you! And you know what? Hit REPLY no matter WHAT you are going to reset for yourself! I want to be able to give you a virtual high-five and be your biggest cheerleader.  

It’s not necessarily easy to make changes- but it doesn’t HAVE to be so damn hard either.  I’ve got you, love! You are supported! 

Good Vibes and Happy Monday! 

P.S. If you are looking for guidance on how the heck to reset your BUSINESS so that it actually FEELS good… head over to the contact page of this website… … fill out the form and let’s get on the phone to discover what’s next for you! 

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