July 2, 2017
July 2, 2017

Happy Monday, you Gorgeous Humans!

So, per the subject line, I am writing this little love note to you on Sunday night- though I plan to send it to you tomorrow to welcome you into the week- and today was the ULTIMATEEEE beach day and as I write I am sipping on a fabulous glass of Chardonnay.

Sounds pretty perfect right?! Well, this moment is… because in me writing to you, I am making a dream come true.

And I wanted to talk to you about DREAMS today because I’m wondering when the last time you actually DARED TO DREAM. And I’m not talking about the types of whimsical thoughts that result in you thinking “ohhhh but that will never happen…” No. I’m talking about those dreams that you can FEEL… the ones that make your heart beat faster, the one’s that literally leave your heart yearning while you think about them… the ones that allow for you to think to yourself, “Well why the heck NOT me?!”

Those dreams. When is the last time you have had one of THOSE dreams?!

C.S. Lewis has been noted to say my favorite quote of all time. It’s actually hanging in two different spots in my office- and I purchased each one of these momentos at very different times of my life and the subject and feeling has remained the same for me. “You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

BAM. #midcrop. Insert whatever emoji you want to here… because that is TRUTH.

My friends, it’s time… it’s time to stop with the excuses and start LIVING your dreams.

You’ll always be too old, too tired, too far, too late, too WHATEVER… until you call yourself on that bologna and remind yourself that this LIFE is yours and if you can dream it, then my friends you can flipping DO IT!

This past week I saw two HUGE dreams come to reality… two things that I had been thinking of, harboring with love, and believing in… but had yet to take action on. Now, I’m a believer in divine timing and NOT forcing things, rather, letting them flow to you and TRUSTING that when you say yes, you can say HELL YESS… but there comes a time when dreaming needs to cease and action needs to happen… because man, those dreams, they are even MORE awesome when they become real life!

So last week I launched this very email EMPOWERMENT list and I also said yes to an opportunity that I have been manifesting for about a year now.

More to come on that… but for now… my point is that YOU have to take action on creating what YOU want! And the time is now. You are beautiful and inspirational and smart and strong and EMPOWERED. YOU CAN! And you should and you will… because you are worthy!

Take this Monday to realign! I know that tomorrow is the 4th of July… it’s one of my favorite holidays… I know there is so much that you can check out on… but don’t check out on you. Don’t forget what this life and each celebratory moment is all about– it’s about YOU showing up as the best, most authentic, most hell-bent to succeed, most creative version of YOU!

I honor you and wish you total kickassery goodness!
You are amazing!


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