July 10, 2017
July 10, 2017

“Your work is to relax and allow.  Relax and allow.  No matter what.”
-Abraham Hicks

Happy Monday you special, important, amazing masterpiece of a human!

-Do you ever find yourself getting caught up in the rat race of things that you SHOULD do?
-Or do you ever look around and realize that you are doing the same ol’ thing for no other reason other than that’s what you’ve always done?
-Or do you find that you are quite literally FORCING yourself to do something that doesn’t feel good and rather than questioning if there is a better way, you just keep chugging along, uncomfortable (and likely tired and miserable)?

Today I invite you to ALLOW.  Allow yourself to question, to relax, to try something new, to just be, to sit quietly, to get the rest, to breathe deeply, to do what it is you WANT to do rather than what you feel like you SHOULD do.  Allow for life to unfold and present you with opportunities and situations that actually FEEL good.

Each day we are learning how to empower ourselves more and more… and sometimes that empowerment comes from simply releasing the grip that we have around life and ALLOWING for things to unfold naturally around us.  Empowerment doesn’t always come from stepping up and taking charge… sometimes it comes from allowing yourself to flow!

((On a personal note, I encourage you to listen to your body and really tune into how you feel physically when you know you are forcing things emotionally or mentally… This past weekend I was struggling with a decision I was trying to make- I was forcing, I was trying to control, I was stressed… and you know what happened? I tweaked my neck while doing some strength training! My body was sending me a very clear sign that I needed to let go, allow for the universe to do her thing, stop trying to assert my will and just go with the flow! So, I stopped lifting the weights, I went out for a quick run, and I allowed my brain to stop trying to figure it out- and truly, the answer to my decision presented itself an hour later! Listen to your body and go with the flow, baby!))

Allow yourself to allow and trust the internal transformation that is ever-present and ever happening within you! You know what you are doing, even when you feel like you don’t! 

Put today’s mantra into your phone and set it as an alarm to go off a few times today: I will allow myself to allow!

Have an amazing week, friends! 
Empower yourself, always! 


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