Surrender into joy, watch the way your heart begins to soar!

Question: Have you ever had one of those “momentum moments” where things are cruisin’, you’re feeling good, you are feeling totally aligned in all that you are and all that you are doing… 

and then BAM! 

Out of nowhere you start asking yourself questions like this:
“Girlfriend, what are you even DOING in this life?!”
“Do you seriously have any idea what you are doing?!”
“Are you even on the right path?”

Last week, those little thoughts were starting to flare up for me… after self-publishing my True You Self-Discovery Journal and then launching my “Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz” podcast, I was starting to lose my footing.  Fortunately, after a solid YEAR of spiritual discovery and personal development I could call those thoughts out.  I KNEW they were Fear in all its ugliness, trying to knock me off my game. 

So, on Thanksgiving morning, I went for a run and had a talk with these fear-based thoughts… It started off something like this: “Oh hey there, ego, I see you… thanks for coming in and throwing a fit because I’m super in alignment with LOVE and TRUTH… but I have zero time for you to try to take control right now.”

It felt good to stand up for my truth like that.  It also felt good to not fall victim, AGAIN, to these thoughts that I’m not enough and that the way I am deciding to show up with my strengths and purpose isn’t enough.  

But part of me standing up for my TRUE self against those fear-based thoughts also includes SURRENDERING.  I’ve learned that in order to get back to that state of love, of flow, it’s not about me battling myself. No, rather, it’s me recognizing what is going on, rewiring my thinking, and then asking for support from the Universe and all the abundant loving energies that surround me.  

So, on my run that chilly Thanksgiving morning in my hometown in Massachusetts, I felt pulled to take a route that I don’t normally take.  That route brought me by the road that my childhood home resides on.  I actually stopped just before the road to take in the beauty of the sun rising over the pond across the street.  With Christmas music blaring from my phone and the majesty of the mist being burned away in the morning light, my heart soared.  I felt so HAPPY.  I felt content and grateful.  

I was filled with all of these emotions… and you know what happens when you are filled with emotions of LOVE? It leaves no room for fear! That’s right… I didn’t have to try to muscle fear out or force it to leave… I simply had to fill myself with joy instead.  

With a filled heart, I started running again.  I nodded as I passed my childhood road.  I smiled as “Baby it’s Cold Outside” came on my Pandora station.  Then I looked up.  

I looked up and saw something I have never witnessed before in such a natural state.  

Soaring above me- representing my heart- was a beautiful bald eagle.  This beautiful creature was gliding and dancing in the same sunlight that I had just allowed to penetrate my soul in my moment of gratitude.  He was free and graceful.  It was majestic and pure beauty.  

I got home- elated at what I experienced.  I sent a message to a dear friend who is super intuitive to signs and nature and she confirmed for me, “Yep… you’re on the right path!”

My sweet friend, YOU are on the right path too.  Because, in fact, there is no such thing as the wrong path- only detours that will eventually get you to where you need to be.  A year ago, I couldn’t have predicted that I would have done MOST of the things I have done this year- particularly with my business- but in my heart, I know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.  

And I know that to be true for you too.  

And if you need a little more convincing? Surrender it up and ask for a sign.  Get specific… but ask for it.  You will be blown away by what you are able to receive once you open yourself up to it! 

Soar, this week, soar, my friend!

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