“Every artist does what they do in order to tell the universe, ‘Don’t erase me’.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert’s recollection of a quote she heard, told on her Podcast, Magic Lessons

WHEW! , have I got a story for YOU!

Okay, so first, here are a few things you need to know about me:

1. I believe in miracles.
2. I used to not really… I hoped for miracles, but was too busy trying to control everything that I reallllly didn’t believe they would happen to me.
3. There are so many things I have done over the past 5 months that I NEVER would have ever imagined doing in my life… but actually once they were done it was so CLEAR that I was MEANT to do them all along.
4. I am one of the hardest workers I know, but I have FINALLY learned about surrendering, trusting, and not FORCING through the process… this is something I will have to keep practicing for, oh I don’t know, probably ETERNITY… but I can tell you this… It feels so much better to feel like I’m in alignment with my True Self as I put the hard work in rather than working in a way where I feel like I’m bashing my head against the wall to try to get ahead… 

So, I self-published a journal.  It’s called True You, A Self-Discovery Journal for the Curious Heart.  

And I love it.  

It’s been a Passion Project that I have had on my heart for a couple of months, been working on for several weeks, but ultimately, now that it’s done, I see how I was meant to do it all along.  I never foresaw myself writing a journal.  I never foresaw myself learning how to self-publish.  I never foresaw myself having a product available on Amazon.  But at the same time, of course I would, did, and do.  

Because it is part of the very sacred way I am meant to serve others… By sharing with them, teaching them, and guiding them in EXACTLY the same way I have guided myself.  

Let me tell you, if you are part of my tribe, you can be sure of one thing… whatever I have figured out for myself, whatever has helped me get to the next level, is EXACTLY what I am going to teach YOU how to do, because likely, that’s where you are too! 

So, let’s talk about the events of this past weekend with the final self-publishing moments.  I’ll try to keep this brief, but there is so much you NEED to know… and above all I want you to FEEL that when you wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing, and you never leave yourself, miracles happen.  I want you to start believing that miracles are available for YOU too… they are all around us… time to focus on what you LOVE and start letting them in!

Earlier this year I began a spiritual and self-overhaul.  I really wanted to figure out what I aligned with spiritually… and in order to do that, I needed to finally get to know MYSELF better.  

I read a lot of personal development books.  I hired a business and life coach to help me figure out my next steps in aligning with how I truly want to connect with and serve people.  I created a Life Coaching business (which I FREAKING LOVE!).  I called people into my life that I needed.  I started meditating.  I did some nutritional cleanses. And I started journaling.  

A few months ago it suddenly occurred to me that there are probably a bazillion other women out there who are ready to go through what I went through but, much like me, have no idea HOW to start journaling.  THIS is where I could truly start to help women learn how to get to know their True Self… I could TEACH them how to journal as well as TEACH them how to do the internal digging! 

So, I set out and did just that.  I wrote the journal that I needed (with lessons on how to journal, 50 daily prompts, gratitude, reflections, and daily teachings) when I was first diving in.  

I’ll tell you this- I am a HUGE fan of Kindle Direct Publishing (the self-publishing site affiliated with Amazon).  Because here’s the thing, though there were plenty of head-scratching, “What the EFF does this MEAN?!” moments, they really walked me through the process and I was always able to figure it out.  

And I’m really proud of that.  I never left myself.  I never threw my hands up in frustration and said “This isn’t worth it”.  I stayed with myself and trusted myself.  Because it WAS worth it.  It IS worth it.  So, I figured things out… from how to build a manuscript template, to what the heck DPI means, to how to create a proper cover… I figured it out because it is truly what I was MEANT to create.  

So, I published it… late Friday night, November 10, 2017 (technically the publishing date is 11/11 – how freaking AWESOME is that?!)… after many iterations, edits (HUGE shout out to my sister, Sally Leger, my Editor… as well as some badass friends of mine who helped me figure out SO MUCH- particularly Missy Reber, Lynn Montgomery, Rachel Pelletier, Michael Bolanz, and all my soul sisters in Amber Lilyestrom’s Mastermind), and a LOT of chocolate covered almonds… 🙂

Everything was good right? It was done! Time to celebrate!


I woke up on Saturday morning (after about 3.5 hours of sleep, mind you) and something didn’t feel quite right.  

Long story short, but I had purchased and rightfully owned the image that I used on my cover.  I love that image so much and I’m proud of it.  I’m actually quite proud of the cover itself!  I did my research to make sure I was legally in compliance to use it.  And I was… but something didn’t feel QUITE in alignment.  So, I emailed a Legal Coach friend of mine (Lisa Fraley… she’s amazing… if you are an entrepreneur, you need her in your life… find her atwww.lisafraley.com) and she let me know that I was in compliance, but I should upgrade the licensure account I had for that image.  

Whew! I felt so much better… until I went to www.canva.com (which is the site I used to create my cover image) and there was no way for me to upgrade the image to the highest usage level NOR was there a way for my to “return” my image and repurchase it at the highest level.  

Uhh, what?! I want to pay you more money, people! I want to pay the $100 rather than the $10 to have the highest licensure level for my image… because more importantly, I want to be in INTEGRITY with everything I do… and that very much includes being covered by the law!

But before my freak-out ensued, I kept reading the email they had written me (super props to Canva for being bomb dot com responsive with email… they don’t have a phone number but replied right away to my email which was AMAZING)… and Lud, the rep I was speaking with said, “Because this is an issue with our billing, as a one time courtesy for this inconvenience, we will grant you FULL extended use rights to this image, free of charge.”

Jaw drop.  Heart burst.  Ugly cry ensue. 
(Canva is AMAZING and  I will shout their customer service from the rooftops FOREVER.) 

My friend, THIS is what a miracle looks like.  Not because it saved us $100… but because, just like I teach in my journal, I have been putting in the INTERNAL WORK and now that I am teaching how to do that externally, I am supported.  I am loved.  I am held.  

And so are you.  

So, here’s the moral, right? I needed to walk you through a glimpse of what I have been doing for myself over the past year as well as fill you in on those tiny details at the end because IT ALL ADDS UP.  It all matters.  

When you decide to know the True You…  When you are DEDICATED to learning how to know, love, and trust yourself… and then you decide that you can use those super powers to teach others, in a way that feels FLOWY and in alignment with what you are meant to do…  When you decide you are going to stay with yourself through the process, no matter how sticky the details feel or how loud the “I don’t wannaaaa’s” ring in your head.  Miracles Happen.  

You matter.  Create the things.  Have fun.  Know yourself.  And for goodness sake, start journaling… it’s been the most powerful portal for me to step into who I TRULY am… and obviously, has allowed for me to serve from this place.

And that feels darn awesome.  

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for feeling connected.  Thank you for doing whatever it is YOU WERE MEANT TO DO because of this email.  Thank you for showing up and  being the TRUE YOU.  

And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t share the link with you for how to access the True You journal.  I know this journal is going to change lives, because I lived it before I created it and it has obviously changed mine.  Please get a copy for yourself, a sister, a mother, a friend.  Christmas is coming… maybe this can be the ultimate gift to your people- the gift and opportunity for them to step into THEIR True Self.  And PLEASE… let me know how I can serve you deeper or answer questions for you about it… I’m literally only an email away! 

Click Here to Grab Your Copy on Amazon!

You matter, my friend.  In a HUGE, expansive, TRUE way… you matter! It’s time to let your light shine! 

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