What the heck is the POINT?!

Have you ever found yourself asking that?

Like, we were literally not put here, one out of a bazillion majillion (very specific number… I know ;-)) to grind, force, and work our faces off… to live in this “either/ or” place of mom guilt and martyrdom… where we compare ourselves to others, numb, distract, scroll, and then have to wake up, pretend we’re fine, and do it all again the next day.

Soul Sister.  My love.  My fellow magical, being.

You are an actual goddess of a soul having a human experience.

You are a powerful witch, with her own gifts that align within your very essence and work perfectly with the natural, abundant universe around you.

You are a cyclical being who is at her PRIME when she allows herself to wax AND wane… ebb AND flow… do AND rest…

Isn’t it time to act as such? Isn’t it time to BE as such?

I’d like to introduce you to the True You Tent™… the sacred container that is the hub for the ascension journey YOU are ready to take, hand-in-hand, with other witchy-women who are ready to rise through this true-self discovery toward the embodied, trusted, and highest vibration of LOVE version of YOU.

THIS is the point, my love!

The True You Tent™ is for the women who LOVE to do the inner work and are just straight up ready for MORE. 

–>They’re ready to reconnect to their primal intuition and essence on an even more embodied level. 

–>In this space, through deep soul-dive, sisterhood- supported, intimate coaching, I support the goddesses who are a part of this sacred space as they reconnect to nature, cyclicality, their intuition, and their magical witchiness.

And that’s you, isn’t it? YOU’RE that goddess who is ready to grab her cape, broom, and ascend into her truth!

What’s the POINT of the True You Tent™? How’ll I be different by the end of this program?

The point is to learn how to TRUST ourselves again.

The point is to TRUST our intuition again.

The point is to TRUST in that primal, sacred, ancient calling you feel to work with yourself, mumma nature, and universal magic to create abundance, love, and embodiment.

To get to know your true essence by way of combining personal coaching support AND trainings… to honor the waving AND the waning… to honor all of you!

Period.  End of story.  And our True You Tent™ is the sacred container to teach you to do just that.

By the end of this program you will be the most embodied version of you- honoring the masculine and feminine energies within, having the tools to support your continued ascension, trusting and KNOWING the truth of who you are and standing empowered in that!

This 6 month experience includes:

  • The most sacred blend of divine feminine and masculine support… there will be masculine container with the trainings, modules, and tools to allow that feminine to grow and flow with her intuition and essence, fueled by the coaching, sisterhood, and embodiment of her primal knowing.
  • Alternating group coaching calls and trainings to provide you with personalized support AND more tangible, deeper guidance about the ascension process through the cosmic energies we work with
  • Modules and Soul Lessons where you’ll learn how to sync to the energies of  the moon phases, sabbats, and chakras and how they align to your sacred cyclicality- your true essence!
  • We will be starting at the root chakra/ new moon phase/ Yule energy and working through your energetic column, the moon cycle, and seasonal cycle by way of the Sabbat celebrations… to support you with this ascension you’ll be given the most aligned tools, meditations, affirmations, and journaling prompts to help each of the lessons integrate- helping you to embody more of your truth with every step along the journey!
  • The most sacred, online sisterhood circle… the one you’ve always wanted to be a part of… the one you’ve craved as you’ve tried to “figure all of this out on your own”… it’s finally going to be a REAL thing for you!
  • Virtual celebrations that stem beyond the trainings and actually let you EXPEREINCE the energy to help you full embody what you’re learning through fun, authentic experience, and celebration.


You can feel that primal, divine whispering from your soul, can’t you?

The one telling you there’s more… more to learn… more to experience… more to embody.

It’s an ascension… one that honors the elements and the waxing and waning of universal energies… one that is sacred and available in and to you!

I’m SO excited to guide you on this Ascension Journey with the Sisterhood of the True You Tent™!