Wouldn’t it feel amazing to find out who you actually are so you can do what you are actually meant to do?

Become an intuitive entrepreneur.


I’m here to help you launch the business that is within your heart – the one you know you are mean to impact the world with – you just have no idea how to start…yet!

I’m also here to help guide you through the self-discovery process that will lead you to that business you are meant to create…based on your truth.

I’m here to help you become an aligned entrepreneur on purpose!

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When I launched my business, I had no idea where to start.

I needed guidance in how to uncover who I truly was so I could take the next steps in doing what I really wanted to do with this life.

I spent hours plugging away at “course work” with no teacher, trying to figure out who I was deep down. I spent countless moments away from my boys searching for free “how-to’s” on YouTube to help me build the business that had no name yet, but lived in my soul!

It was exhausting, confusing, and lonely.

Do you know this feeling?

I craved a mentor who understood me, a guide to provide me with structure and energetic support and a tribe of other women who were in a similar spot (budding entrepreneurs who were doing “the work” in self-growth and business building).

If this is exactly where you are, I know it (and you) well. I invite you to join the True You Academy, take my hand, and let me guide you through self-discovery and business building!

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What is the True You Academy?

The True You Academy is a personal self and business growth experience that will help you step into who you truly are and create a business that is in alignment with that truth.

Oh, and it’s a LIFETIME membership experience that will grow with you!

This life changing experience includes:

  • 8 value-packed modules to guide you through your self-discovery and business building journey
  • Group coaching calls to provide you with the guidance needed during business development, launch, and growth.
  • A tribe of fellow self-discovery journeyers who are ready to launch the business of their dreams, too!
  • Guest expert calls and training

I want to learn more!

Let’s break it down.

Have you ever…


  • Caught yourself in the swirl of “who AM I and WHAT am I supposed to do/be in this world”?
  • Intuitively felt you would work for yourself someday, but didn’t even know what that meant?
  • Stumbled into a Network Marketing Company, or other “accidental” business, and have had the taste of entrepreneurial freedom, but something just doesn’t feel quite right? You like it, but you’re not sure if it’s truly you?
  • Fantasized over the idea of being your own boss, and though you think you could, you don’t yet know what you will do and certainly don’t know how to do it?
  • Wondered “How the heck will I actually make money off this thing” you’re passionate about?
  • Spent all your time scrolling the newsfeed to get inspired to start, but didn’t know where to begin?


At the beginning of 2017, I had all of that going on. That’s why I created the True You Academy: I don’t want others to be alone on their journey for as long as I was!

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How would it feel?

How would it feel to boldly ask yourself the question: “What do you want?” and HONESTLY answer it?


How would it feel to have a guide, someone who has literally been where you are right now, walk with you through the necessary internal work and then teach you how to impact the world through a business that is of the TRUE YOU?

You’re ready.

I’ve got you. The True You.

It’s time to shine!

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