What is your GREATEST work?

The work of your soul.


The work that when people ask you, if you could do anything, you would answer with this thing in a heartbeat?

What would it feel like to be guided in uncovering this work and bringing it into the world?

What would if feel like to bring your greatest work into the world by allowing femininity, flow, creativity, and trust to lead the way?

What would it feel like to be supported by a Sisterhood who, like you, wanted to learn how to stop forcing, grinding, and doing all the things solo?

I remember.

I remember feeling that stirring within me, letting me know that there was work to be done. I’m not just talking a job; I’m talking the deep work that I am certain I was put here to do!

What is that thing for you?

Maybe it’s building your own business.

Maybe it’s mom-ing in patient, playful, and present ways.

Maybe it’s philanthropy.

Maybe it’s work through art, or moving your body, or music.

I’m ready to learn more

Whatever your greatest work is…

The Rising Mastermind experience will help you to feel it, create it, and amplify it!

I’ve worked with women from all walks of life and for most, they are looking for the space and support that will teach them how to work in a different, more sustainable, more aligned, flowy way.

They are ready to drop the (mom) guilt associated with “not being good enough” and “never getting it quite right,” and GO for it!

They are ready to answer the calls of those “annoying” curiosities that keep coming up for them (i.e. tapping into energy, flowing not forcing, and learning how to love themselves) in order to be a magnet for the world.

They are ready to learn how to get into alignment so that they can remember how dream into and create their greatest work by uncovering and utilizing their secret power: Divine Femininity.

Join the Mastermind

In The Rising Mastermind, you will be guided into fully embodying your greatest work and bringing it into the world.

  • You will receive One-to-One coaching from an Intuitive Life Coach who once functioned within a very scarcity filled, WORK HARDER, and “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” lifestyle, and learned how slow down, bring in joy through celebration, and get into alignment to create the life and business of her dreams.
  • You will have the sisterhood to answer that deep yearn that is within our femininity to be surrounded by a community that understands, supports, and uplifts us.
  • You will have the space to swirl and get creative.
  • You will learn how to deeper tap into yourself and the energy around you.
  • You will experience TRUE SELF discovery in a way you’ve never imagined, so that your greatest work will naturally rise

Here’s what else you can look forward to receiving in The Rising:

  • One (1) ticket to attend The Rising Retreat – an in-person mastermind experience ($2,000 value)
  • One (1) energetic/strategic empowered combination One-to-One Coaching calls with Jillian ($1,000 value)
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls ($2,000 value)
  • A sisterhood who have committed themselves to their own rising and helping each other to amplify their greatest work
  • Deep mindset and energetic alignment work
  • Exclusive access to a deeply grounded and profoundly connected online community for support in between all coaching sessions
  • Pop-up live chats and FAQ opportunities for timely and top-of-mind training
  • Trainings on energy, working with cycles, and devotional self-care practices
  • Access to Dream Quest ($500 value)

Our VIP Rising Members also receive everything above, PLUS:

  • Two (2) additional One-to-One calls with Jillian (three total)
  • Additional VIP session/in-person coaching at The Rising Retreat
  • Invitation to The Rising Workshop – a one day in-person work session
  • One (1) additional ticket to True You Live (two total)

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Sisters, we are being called.

We are being called to know ourselves so that we can rise.


It’s time to rise into your greatest work – the world is ready for it – and YOU are ready to give it!

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