Hey Love!

Have you ever had one of those longgggg moments… like days, weeks, or even months… that you just felt ANGRY? Like you walked around with a general feeling of WTF toward all things- most especially yourself because THIS ISN’T LIKE YOU?!

Oh haaayyyy… me too… in fact, I’m just rising back up after a long spell of this… And I can’t tell you exactly what triggered this WTF spell for myself, but I can tell you that it sucked.  

And the longer it lasted, the more it sucked.  And the more it sucked, the longer it lasted. 

And then you know what happened?


Me.  Ms. Friggin Sunshine herself got SERIOUS.  AND THAT! THAT is exactly the old game I used to play, but finally recognized I needed to stop playing to get back to my natural state of JOY

Because actually, I’m NOT serious! I can pull serious, and actually for the past several years, HAVE BEEN wayyy more often then I’d like to admit. 

And each time I do this… I forget who I am… I forget to have fun… which is counter-intuitive to my SUPERPOWER OF CELEBRATION! 

Let me walk you through this, because I feel like you may fall somewhere on this spectrum and be doing the same things I was doing… and now you’ll have the words to put to it and then release what no longer serves you so that you can reclaim who you TRULY are! 

For me, my Truth is JOY… and the opposite to that is SERIOUSNESS.  

When I am feeling ANGRY, it is actually a friggin MIRACLE of a red flag letting me know that something is out of alignment within me… Honestly, thank goodness for anger- it’s like a built in course corrector back to JOY! 

–> I only feel like I can’t be successful, or a rockstar Mumma, or make the money I know is available for me, or do the things I feel called to do when I get too SERIOUS… and ANGER often lets me know that

And the REASON I feel that way is because that is actually me NOT me being ME (aka JOY!)… so DUH… if I’m not being myself, of COURSE I’m going to be pissed- that is complete misalignment! 

SO… How do I unwind the anger? Well… I get to stop taking things so seriously… aka I need to reclaim my superpower of CELEBRATION and recognize that if there is nothing externally to celebrate then I get to CREATE the celebration…

And what happens when I celebrate?

I find JOY! 

I find JOY right in the here and now of WHATEVER it is I am celebrating and then I reclaim my TRUTH! I realign and get back to me! 

My friend, anger is so helpful and powerful- but only after you stop staring at it and you start letting it guide you to how to counteract it! 

What does celebration look like for you?

I love doing dance parties, singing, meditation, and raising a glass of anything… doesn’t have to be champagne (though that’s fun during the times when that is what I WANT)… but seriously, pour a glass of sparkling water, Shakeology, hot coffee, or whatever and toasting to WHATEVER feels fun! 

If you are feeling ANGRY today, how can you show gratitude for the internal course correction, and start inviting in JOY?

I love you and if you REALLY want help navigating and working through this, then you NEED to get in the space with like minded people who are on a MISSION of SELF-CELEBRATION! 

It can be anything you want… a coffee chat with a friend who gets it, a vision board party with your team, a party where you all where funny hats and celebrate just because, or a live event!

And if you are in the Portland area on October 13th- I hope you will use True You Live as your opportunity to get into the space with like-souled people who are seeking the life of their dreams through celebration! 

Grab your tickets now by clicking HERE! The clock is ticking and I don’t want you to suffer from FOMO because you missed the opportunity! 

www.trueyou.live.com – Save your seat for the Celebration!

I love you soooo much, soul-tribe!
Have an incredible Monday!

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