What would it mean to you to feel aligned
with who you are in order to confidently
step through self-doubt and
into a state of total empowerment?

I see you and I know how much personal development means to you, my friend.  

I also know that you KNOW what it takes to change your life but have no idea how to actively go about DOING it! I've been there, I get it. 

Because the fact is, every minute of every day we are becoming, changing, growing... Wouldn't it be amazing if we gave ourselves the grace of being PRESENT in  and participating in that transformation?!

And wouldn't it be even more amazing to have someone who has there to help you navigate, grow, and create all that you want more quickly, purposefully, and with more joy than if you continued navigating alone?


It's time to look at your life and realize that you can be a part of creating it... designing it in a way that feels totally aligned with who you are, what you were meant to do, and most importantly- what brings you joy, fulfillment and makes you feel empowered!

And it's time to surrender and feel comforted in the fact that you don't have to do it alone anymore!

How do you want to FEEL?
What if you owned that internal transformation, that is ever-happening, and actively participated in it?
What could you create?


Picture this:

...Confidently stepping through self-limiting beliefs into the TRUE YOU

...Logistically having a plan for
HOW TO do the things you were meant to do in this life

...Energetically feeling aligned as you put the tactics into action

This is all available to you!



It's time... time for you to show up for YOU! To create the life you were meant to live and because of that, create a business in which you can serve wholly, truly, and authentically as YOU. 

What a gift -  What a miracle - What an opportunity.
To live out your truth, serve the world, and live abundantly.

Are you ready to feel fulfilled? To step into your true power?
To own your transformation?


You show up for you and I'll guide you through!

Hey There, you Inspiring Visionary!

My name is Jillian Bolanz


I'm a mamapreneur who loves the harmony that is ever flowing between my soul's work as a Life Coach and my dream of being home and present with my two sons.

I am obsessed with giving women the tools to energetically and logistically create a life of confidence, empowerment, and self-belief.  And I love helping these impassioned souls make the impact (& income) that they were MEANT to make.

Up until a couple of years ago, I lived my whole life according to what I SHOULD do as opposed to what I WANTED to do.  And when I finally let my heart lead the way, everything changed. 

I chose to step away from a successful career in healthcare to create the life of a mamapreneur

 Now I am driven by passion. 
Now I am physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically & spiritually aligned with the TRUE ME.

And now I can help OTHERS to step into the person they were meant to be!

I believe I am an expert at one thing- being ME... and I will teach you how to align with your true self, bust through the barriers you have set up, and actually participate in the life you want to live!