There is cyclicality in all things.

A heartbeat that connects us all…
A rhythm to which the dance is an ebb and flow…
A primal melody whose song we *somehow* know every word to…

It’s where intuition leads us to our wisdom…
It’s where celebration accelerates manifestation… 
It’s the space where every ending is the catalyst for an even greater beginning…

There is magic here.

And it’s ready to be rediscovered, reconnected, and embodied!

Sister, True You Live is back for a VIRTUAL EDITION! 


Originally we hoped True You Live: The Magic Within would be held in-person and outside, we trusted our intuition and decided the most loving thing we could do for YOU, our soul sister who we love so much, is to help you uncover THE MAGIC WITHIN, virtually.

But lemme tell ya,  that doesn’t STOP the magic of what you’ll experience!

The truth is… it will enhance it! Without having to worry about traveling and the Delta variant and what not, we are going to be LASER FOCUSED on helping you reconnect with and embody the MAGIC that is the truth of who you really are! 

It’s a remembrance, it’s a reconnection, it’s a reclamation. 

During our True You Live VIRTUAL EDITION you will:

  • Be guided back to the magic within YOU
  • Recreate a bond to cyclicality: the moon cycle, the seasonal cycle, and your own personal MAGICAL cycle 
  • Rediscover how to work with your intuition
  • Reconnect with your inner Witchy Woman… she’s in there and she’s ready to come out
  • Celebrate, meditate, dance, embody, flow, laugh, cry, breathe, move, and reconnect to Mumma Gaia, sacred sisterhood, and yourself – we’re going to kick off the entire event with a DEEP meditation to help you connect with your inner apple orchard!
  • Leave feeling more fulfilled, more embodied, and more connected to The Magic Within than ever before


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Because NOT embodying The Magic Within is simply NOT an option anymore… am I right?
You can feel it… it’s getting stronger… the whispers are getting louder… it’s time to embody the MAGIC that’s always been there, within YOU!

September 11, 2021 // 12pm – 4pm EST

Ticket Price – $50.00

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This is your opportunity to sync back in with the elements, cyclicality, and your authentic magic so that you can become the truth of who you really are!

Watch This to see what others experienced at TYL in the past… I know we won’t be in-person… but we WILL be in-spirit… and The Magic Within you WILL be embodied!

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We do the inner work to create the outer world… & since your inner world – THE TRUE YOU – is made of magic, embodying that will help you to create an outer experience of magic beyond your wildest dreams! 

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This event is for the goddess…  the maiden, the mother, the crone… the magical, deeply emotional, cyclical woman who is ready to deepen the connection she has with herself as well as the connection she has with Mother Nature.

If you are ready to reclaim your magical nature, immerse yourself in the safety and sanctuary of sisterhood, learn about everything from the elements to the cosmos, and have a flipping FUN time embodying the True You… you’ve gotta be there! 


An open heart and mind and desire to reconnect to the TRUTH of who you really are!
You’ll also want to bring:

  • Snacks/ Water
  • Layers… we will be outside in the tent- if it rains, we will close the walls- but you’ll want to dress for “Maine in September weather”… which could seriously be anything <3
  • Journal + Pen
  • Anything else that helps you to feel supported during events like this: crystals, oils, talismen, blankies, etc. 


The True You Live event tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. As this is a virtual event, it will be your divine opportunity and responsibility to access it in whatever way that suits you! 


In June of this year, when I first announced True You Live, my intention was to be outdoors and in-person… however, with the unpredictable Delta Variant on the rise and my super solid intuition telling me this is the right thing, I had to do it.  Sometimes our intuition is inconvenient- I was SO looking forward to being in-person with you all.  However, the one thing I love MORE than live events are the PEOPLE who come to the live events.  The thought of someone getting sick at or traveling to my event was unbearable.  We’ve got big magic to work here, sisters… so, we’ll take the abundant fact that we CAN do things virtually in these crazy times, and we’ll capitalize on them! Thanks for understanding this unimaginably hard decision! <3 


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