Transformative Group Mastermind Experience

How would it feel to be surrounded by like-minded, equally-as-driven, amazing humans who, like YOU, are just flippin' READY to go for it?

Like you, these people have been waiting for an opportunity to take their life into their own hands and to actually bring the finances they KNOW they are deserving of into their realities through a business that is authentically and beautifully their own.  

Like you, these people are at the point where, enough is enough- the time is NOW to take action and TRANSFORM their life and business.  

And like you,
these people don't want to do it alone anymore!

You are finally ready to dig deep, clear out the limiting beliefs, create a life of joyful abundance, and serve the world with YOUR message, YOUR love, YOUR business!

The time is now for you all to bring your dreams to fruition and have an energetic, robust, family-like support system who now live with a "WE" mentality.


>>This is not just a group... this is a Transformational Mastermind Experience... and it is calling to you because the value is unmatched, the relationships are so rich, and the barriers we will bust through, in our personal lives and business endeavors, will be done so much faster and stronger because there is strength in numbers- especially with a group this motivated and determined to finally have all that they want in self-belief, lifestyle ownership, and an authentic message and business with which to serve.<<

This Transformative Group Mastermind is for you if you:

  • Are a stay-at-home Mumma who has budding business ideas and is looking for guidance on how to unleash your creative entrepreneurial spirit and create an income for your family while still being present with your kiddos
  • Are a Network Marketing Professional who is feeling stuck and is ready to take your business to the next level in a way that is authentically your own (thus making it even more impactful!)
  • Are a current entrepreneur who is ready to be infused with tools that will support your self-love and belief as well as guidance on the tactile action that needs to be taken to sky rocket your business and income
  • Are a brick and mortar store owner who needs to develop more of a presence in the online space and wants to spend your time creating content and not getting bogged down in technology by doing it solo
  • Are you an amazing human who has never even toyed with the idea of owning your own business before but you are ready for DEEP connection, personal development, abundance generation... and you think about how COOL it would be to build a business and create an income that                                                                                                              can grow in tandem with your personal growth

What can you expect from this
Transformative Group Mastermind?

You will experience:

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Monthly big vision & strategy development private calls with Jillian
  • An exclusive online community and private page for interaction and support in between calls and each step along the journey
  • Weekly live training on topics relevant to the course work and the opportunity to ask questions and get answers to help accelerate your own journey
  • Access to Jillian Bolanz's True You Academy
  • Access to Jillian Bolanz's True You Shine Through personal branding experience
  • One-on-one empowerment hot seats and strategy sessions


  • In-person retreats! Next one is in April!
  • Access to Jillian's Time-Management tools and trainings
  • A community of leaders to partner with and collaborate with on various project and business development opportunities
  • Opportunities to learn from guest speakers who are expert in fields such as social media marketing, authentic life living, and online business development

This Transformational Mastermind Experience contains all of the value
at half the cost of my current one-to-one private coaching rate!