It’s Monday. 

And I know how deeply important Monday Motivation can be, so I’m going to start off with this for you:

You are freaking worthy of the time you create for yourself because your DREAMS get to be created during this space!

You CAN do it… Yes, you can do it… Yes, YOU can do it… Yes, you CAN do it.

Whatever you have been putting off throughout the weekend, the month, the year, or the decade- you literally GET to start doing it now… if you want to!

And I want you to consider this… what will happen if you keep putting off what you WANT to do?

Now, tenderly, I’m going to tell you right now, motivation is fleeting.  You will NOT always be motivated.  People tell me all the time, “I wish I was as motivated as you”… but the truth is, I’m NOT always motivated. 

Motivated is when you are feeling pumped up and ready to GO.  Like when you are FINALLY feeling warmed up enough to do the work out, or when the adrenaline is going and you bust out a lot of work.  

I’m not in that state 24 hours a day… but I AM always inspired- and I make sure of this by doing things that feel good, that in alignment with my values, and feel FREAKING FUN.  

Motivated all the time? Nope.  Inspired all the time? HELL YES!

I am inspired by my work.  I am inspired by my growth.  I am inspired by my continual self-discovery.  I am inspired by my family as I try to witness life through THEIR eyes.  I am inspired by my clients.  I am inspired by the women in my tribe because being around women who are freaking doing it too- it gives you hope, it gives you proof, and it gives you support.  

And if YOU are not feeling inspired all the time… then let’s stop focusing on what you are or aren’t doing… let’s start focusing on how you want to feel and what feels UPLIFTING!

TRUTH: I’m writing this love note to you on a Sunday morning… I am surrounded by boxes filled with swag for True You Live… my office is a mess… we are waiting for an electrician to show up… my kiddos are running all around (with or without pants at any given time)… my hair is a mess on top of my head… I am still in my workout clothes… I am about to nail down the play list for our day… 

And I share this behind the scenes with you because this is not the picture perfect image of MOTIVATION… but it IS the picture perfect image of INSPIRATION.

I am inspired AF (that is the first time I’ve ever used that phrase and I’m celebrating that my first was applied to this!) about LIFE!

I am inspired by my first Live event that I will be hosting in 13 days.  

I am inspired by all the women who are saying yes to themselves and getting themselves there- via planes, trains, and carpool lanes!

I am inspired by my speakers who are going to BRING IT.  I am inspired by my staff who are going to keep the entire day rolling.  

I am inspired.  

And YOU deserve the truth behind all of this because that ability to cultivate inspiration is in YOU too!

I didn’t just fall into inspiration- I called it in and I LIVE by it now!

So, what about you, my love?!

Here are some journaling prompts for you to tap into inspiration:
1. What does inspiration feel like in my body?
2. When do I most often feel that way?
3. Who/ What do I need to invite into my life so that it becomes my norm?
4. Am I willing to do this for myself?

My friend, thank you… thank you for trusting in the truth of all of this! I am so proud of you!

Happy Monday- know that I see, feel, love, and support you!

P.S. We are SO CLOSE to being at capacity for True You Live but there are still a couple tickets left! GET YOURS HERE and come be DEEPLY inspired on October 13th in Portland, Maine… It will be a Saturday that will change your life! 

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