Oh friends, do I have a treat for you in this episode of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz! My guest, Kelly Roach, is a highly sought after business growth strategist on a mission to  help 1,000,000 entrepreneurs launch, monetize, and scale their dream business… without compromising their quality of life or going broke in the process.

From NFL Cheerleader to Fortune 500 exec and now million dollar mogul, Kelly is the author of the #1 international bestselling book, Unstoppable:9 Principles For Unlimited Success In Business And In Life, and the upcoming book, Bigger Than You: The Business Owner’s Guide to Building an Unstoppable Dream Team (to be released October 2018)

And in this episode we dive deep into the importance of creating a business based of the vision you have for your LIFE – recognizing that playing the long game and growing in congruence with what is going to serve you forever is the number one priority.  Kelly specializes in helping entrepreneurs make effective decisions in their business so that they can get back on the field and helps them tie in the importance that every decision impacts their legacy. 

Kelly and I talked about taking care of ourselves because our mental health is our personal AND global responsibility.  We also dove deep into the importance of having a TEAM to support you, your business, and ultimately the legacy you are creating- and HOW to build such a team! 

Please find Kelly on her podcast: Unstoppable Success Radio
Her website: www.KellyRoachcoaching.com
And in her free Facebook Group: The Tribe of Unstoppables

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