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In today’s episode we dive into consistency… because the #3 biggest mistake Rising Entrepreneurs make in their businesses is that they are not begin consistent.  I give some tough love truth at the beginning of this podcast, but never fear- as always, I am here to guide you through the process of FIXING whatever mistakes you are making! 

I actually allowed for my listeners to take an exhale in this podcast because we redefined consistency.  I encouraged my listeners to stop holding themselves to the unrealistic standards of someone else’s definition of consistency, and to define it for themselves- and then to STICK WITH IT!

I also came up with a REALLY fun incentive within this episode for any listener who encourages a friend to sign up for the FREE VIDEO TRAINING : Avoid the 5 Common Rising Entrepreneur Mistakes and Create a 5 Figure Month (www.jillianbolanz.com/training).  So make sure to send me your DMS to get the shoutout as promised!

If you need help taking the steps forward to bringing your dreams to fruition, please head over to www.jillianbolanz.com/contact so I can hear what those dreams are and help guide you to how to bring them about in the most efficient and fulfilling way possible! 

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