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In today’s podcast, Personal Wealth Coach, Mamapreneur, Network Marketer, creator of “Wealth is Yours” Online Course, and my DEAR friend, Liza Witonis speaks to us on courage, being willing to always go deeper in knowing yourself and your truth, and how to release your money blocks and step into the true wealth that is available to us all. 

In this episode I share how, upon meeting me, Liza instantly SAW ME.  She knew me and I instantly felt connected and safe in her presence.  Since having Liza in my life she has helped me with “money stuff” but on a deeper level, has helped me with the “me” stuff. 

I have personally invested into Liza’s “Wealth is Yours” course, alongside my husband, and it is because of our work with Liza that my husband and I have free flowing conversations about finances and feel so much more comfortable knowing where we stand with money.  We have a budget that works for our family and we feel so much freedom with where we choose to spend our money. 

In this episode, Liza shares about her journey into Mamapreneurship.  She shares about the birth of her daughter and about how she FELT on the day she walked away from her job as a teacher.  She shares about how she got started as a Personal Wealth Coach by allowing us to get a sneak peek into HER wealth journey (and how she has paid off over $200,000 of debt in five years). 

In this conversation Liza and I also dive into Network Marketing and how being affiliated with a company that she believes in serves herself, her family, and her bank account- all while serving others. 

Liza is one of the wisest, truest people I have ever been blessed to meet, work with professionally, and have in my life as a soul sister. 

+If you are interested in having a conversation with Liza on whether or not working one to one is the best option for you, please schedule a call with her here: http://lizawitonis.com/connect/

+ OR if you are READY to change the trajectory of your wealth story and want to join in on her Wealth is Yours course, please head to http://lizawitonis.com/wealthisyours <3

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