Episode 10: Lessons from a Four Year Old


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At a Breakfast with Santa event, my son had the opportunity to make some ornaments.  As he made the final one, he looked at what was in front of him and realized that he didn’t have exactly what he needed to make the ornament everything he wanted it to be.  What he did next was so simple, yet so profound.  

He asked for what he needed.  He asked that another dot of glue be put on the tree so that he could put the star where it “belonged”.  

He could have settled.  He could have not said anything and walked away with a “good enough” mentality.  He could have allowed for the way the ornament was to dictate the way it was going to be. 

But he didn’t! He asked for what he needed, created what he wanted, and walked away feeling PROUD of it.  

Isn’t that a lesson we all can benefit from? We don’t have to settle for things just as they are.  We always have the opportunity to ask for things to be changed and enhanced so that we can feel pride knowing that we did what we truly wanted to do!

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