2019 Episode 7: Divine Feminine Rising 101

It’s time to let the Divine Feminine RISEEEE… but what does that even mean? Tune into this episode to find out because I am breaking it all down in a Divine Feminine 101 conversation today!

We have been living in a society that, up until recently, has been best “survived” by the masculine. And unfortunately, for many women, that has meant having to morph ourselves to function like men. And this just in: that just doesn’t work for us!

Functioning in a very linear, hustle and grind type of way isn’t innate to us – it simply doesn’t FEEL good. And the very first thing about allowing our Divine Feminine to rise is tapping into our feelings!

In this episode you will learn the steps of witnessing, feeling the feelings, getting still with them, and then from that stillness- rising!

This conversation is happening more and more in our day and age and I’m so happy to FINALLY be contributing in my own way, in my own deeply connected voice, to the conversation!


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