2019 Episode 3: Why your Dreams are not Burdens for your Family

Have you ever thought your dream was a burden for those you love?

I know I used to and in this episode of Morning Sunshine with Jillian Bolanz we go into how your feelings that it’s burden is actually a projection of your own fear because you don’ t have CLARITY on what you want and why you want it!

Don’t worry though, I teach you exactly how to fix this!

We get quiet and honest with ourselves so that we can ask ourselves:
1. What we actually WANT
2. Why we want it

Why do we do this?
1. Because then we will have the clarity of what our soul is calling us to
2. When we have that clarity we get to COMMUNICATE it to others!

If you want to start ACTUALLY doing the things you want to do and you want your family to ACTUALLY be able to support you (cause, spoiler alert, they WANT to!) then this episode if a MUST listen!



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