Monday, September 25, 2017 Photo Credit: Lauren Bodwell Photography

Monday, September 25, 2017
Photo Credit: Lauren Bodwell Photography

It is so FUN to be on this journey with you... May I continue to share?

I have to tell you, Friends, being able to write these blogs to you every week has been so much pure, simple, energetic fun for me.  It's has also, however, not been easy every week.  Not because sitting at the computer is tough, not because I didn't want to connect (umm, it's my favorite thing to connect with you- seriously), but because through these blogs I have been basically chronicling my personal growth as a human over the past few months- and the discovery process of who I am and what I both was MEANT to do as well as truly WANT to do has been one that has actually not been easy!

Allow for me to share a story and some truths with you - in hopes it will provide you an opportunity to know me better as well as to reflect upon the opportunity you have for your own personal growth.  

I enrolled in college as a Liberal Arts major. I seriously had no idea what I wanted to do and I wanted to give myself time and space to figure it out (but not too much because as you know, girlfriend thrives in structure and "plans" over here...).  When I got there, it didn't make logical sense to me to continue down a path of "unknowing" because most majors had classes that needed to be incorporated in during the first or second year of school and I'd be darned if I got behind the ball.  (Yeah, first-born, Type A, anyone?!)

Up until that point, my true love had always been sports- ever since I was a little girl I was on some sort of field in some sort of jersey... so it seemed to make sense that I would become a Sports Management major.  (Seemed to make sense or seemed like the easy choice... hmmm something to journal about perhaps...).  But as I traveled along that path I, again, had no idea what I wanted to do.  None of the professions within the Sports Management realm seemed particularly appealing to me (huge shout out to all of you who are ROCKING that field right now... I honor you for stepping into your gifts and your purpose!)... so I decided, during my sophomore year that I would change my major to Business.  I was getting a minor in it anyway through the Sports Management realm... but again, it would open more doors for me.

Again.  I didn't know what I would do.  But I did start knowing what I didn't want to do and I started getting inklings within my gut that brought me back to, what I now know to be truths, wishes I had when I was a little girl.  

One spring day in Maine, as the buds were just starting to pop through but it was still quite chilly, I remember sitting in my academic advisor's office, going over the courses I wanted to choose for the following year.  He was a well established, successful business man whom I greatly respected.  He was Italian- loved his cappuccino in the afternoons, had salt and pepper hair and was quite charismatic as well as brilliant when he spoke.  He worked in the banking industry for years and in many of his teachings used those examples... and I remember looking at him and saying, "Honestly Professor, I still don't know quite what I want to do... but I can tell you this, I do not want to go into banking... I really feel like I am meant to work for myself someday... I just don't know HOW.  I don't even know what that looks like or what I will do!"

We didn't come up with a plan.  I honestly wish that at the time I would have known, or he would have mentioned, the term "entrepreneur" because ultimately... that was what I was talking about (I know that now)... but I didn't know it even existed.  It wasn't traditional.  It wasn't main stream.  It certainly wasn't something being taught.  

So we cordially ended our meeting and I pressed on... through the rest of college... graduating Magna Cum Laude... into my first job at the hospital I interned at... throughout life as a young 20-something... getting married... having my first baby... doing everything according to "the plan" (the plan that I couldn't ever quite figure out WHY I was executing professionally)... 

Until it wasn't okay anymore.  Until it wasn't enough anymore.  Until the plan was changed and I discovered that the plan was keeping me small, was keeping me from what I really WANTED to do, was allowing for me to stay hidden from what I was truly meant to do- which is be home with my family, CREATE the work that my entrepreneurial soul was meant to create, and work for myself- just as that college girl knew to be true because ultimately, I have known it all the days of my life.  

Interestingly, my first step in the process to fulfilling my purpose was fitness and wellness related (cool parallel between my first step in college with becoming a Sports Management major).  I started being able to help people step into their best selves with providing them support in their fitness and nutrition.  I loved it.  I love it still.  And I am grateful- I honor my start.  But, innately I started taking the support groups I ran to the next level... I started diving into emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, self-care, and the seemingly all-too-elusive, self-love world.  

And again, I felt the stirring.  The stirring to serve bigger, grander, and more TRUE to myself.  

I started to peel the onion layers back (as I have helped hundreds of others to do) on myself.  I hired a business coach and joined a Master Mind (of which I am eternally grateful to be a part of).  I started creating... I started following prompts for the next right action.  I decided to be an online Lifestyle and Business Strategist.  But ultimately, something was still off.  On paper, my offerings are amazing, internally, they were ALMOST aligned... but again, I chose my offerings based on what I KNOW to be true logically, but covered up what I KNOW to be true within my heart! 

Until this past weekend.  

Now, let me take a moment here to explain, I am still doing online fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaching.  I am still serving clients with their businesses specifically (and I'm freaking loving it, I might add).  But I have intuitively known, since I was that tough little girl on the soccer field who simultaneously LOVED Cinderella and wore her heart on her sleeve, that I am meant to serve people with LIFE.  

I am MEANT to be a Life Coach- because I am one.  I have been doing it all of my days.  In the fitness world, in the business world... it always went deeper for me.  I always wanted to talk the logistics, hammer out the strategy, and then get into the HEART.  

I share this all with you in a very long note (thank you for sticking with me!) to let you know that we are all transforming ALL OF THE TIME.  And with each step, we get closer and closer to our truth.  There are no wrong turns, only detours, experiences, and experiments that are ultimately going to bring us to where we are MEANT to be with a lot more character, understanding, knowledge, and certainty.  

And THAT is awesome.  It FEELS so good.  Even the bumps and bruises serve a purpose.  Because getting to that centered place in your heart (especially after 32 years of floating, doing well enough, but not living in my truth) is the most calming yet invigorating feeling I have known.  

I don't know exactly where this point on my journey will take me- but I know that write this email, sharing this truth, was my first step- and I'm excited to let you in on the ride.  

So, now, we turn to you.  What is your intuition whispering? What has it been nudging you to do, which you have been skating around, for your entire life?

Getting to this epic realization has been a process for me.  Lots of journaling.  Lots of meditating.  Lots of quiet time.  Lots of LISTENING to coaches, mentors, guides, and loved ones.  And lots of honesty talks with myself.  But it was worth it.  And I'm grateful because having this clarity NOW as opposed to floating for another 30 years, well let's just say that the WORLD is going to be served in a bigger, more expansive way.  Because when we own our truth- when we take the time to realize it and then act upon it... EVERYONE BENEFITS.  

I would be remiss if I didn't let you know that I am currently accepting one on one clients.  I am READY to help you navigate the waters that I just navigated for myself... I'm ready to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be- and I can say that with complete conviction because I just did it! If you are curious... if you are ready... I encourage you, fill out the contact form at and let's schedule a free Discovery call to see where your life is MEANT to go and if working together feels like a right action toward getting you there! 

Again, thank you.  Thank you for allowing for me to share this journey with you.  Thank you for your love and support as we navigate it together.  Thank you for taking my words, reflecting on them internally, and using them as a catapult forward... to step into the TRUE YOU! 

With abundant love,

Jillian Bolanz
Life Coach - Business Strategist - Wellpreneur
Helping you to Logistically and Energetically align with who you really are to make the impact you really want to make.  

Sepbeter 11, 2017

Sepbeter 11, 2017

Reset: verb,
-To set again or renew.
-To move (something) back to it's original position.

Good Morning, my sparkly friend! Did ya check out the definition that I placed in BOLD, at the very beginning of this blog, for less than subtle effect? Let me ask you a question... where do you KNOW you need to RESET? Like, the second I even said it, your mind went directly to ________?

Where do you either need to renew or re-calibrate in  away that brings you back to homeostasis? Back to your original position? Back to the TRUE you?

There may be one big area of your life right now that you need a reset.  Perhaps it's nutrition, business building, the amount of stress you have taken on, your exercise routine, the way you are spending your money, your time-management routines, how you are parenting, how you are showing up in a relationship or many relationships.  Perhaps one of these HUGE areas in life needs for you to push the big ol' reset button.  

Or perhaps you are feeling like there is nothing MAJOR that needs to be reset but all of the above could use a little bit of tweaking.  

Whatever it is- thank GOODNESS for that feeling.  When we feel a stirring within us that tells us that it's time to start over, that is an invitation from our inner, deepest most source of LOVE to return to who we really are. And the reason this is such a gift is because, far too often, we (or people we know, or people we've witnessed) just bumble around in a "ho-hummery" mindset and way of being- where you really don't FEEL good... but also don't much care, think you deserve, want to "waste time", want to take the actions necessary to CHANGE.  

I invite you, today... instead of resisting the stirring within you- the love that is in there, that is pleading within you to push the reset button- CELEBRATE it! It doesn't have to be scary and it doesn't all have to be done at once.  But taking one step back to your TRUE self, will not only help you to FEEL better... it will allow for you to live your life in the way that feels BEST to you! 

I will share with you... yesterday I started a total body reset and detox.  I actually wanted to do it earlier this year but the timing between breast feeding and other opportunities that presented themselves didn't allow for me to do this.  

But I'm ready now.  
I'm ready to clear out the CRAP that has been bogging me down physically- which absolutely bogs be down mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  When my body doesn't FEEL good, neither does my soul.  
I have been making a lot of transitions over the course of this year... and now I'm ready to push the button, get all the way back and centered within my physical body... 

...and what this is doing is creating SPACE for me to reset and receive in other areas of my life that have nothing to do with nutrition and physical body... but then again, have everything to do with it because we are not just separate portions of ourselves... we are all one.  Everything we feel, think, touch, eat, choose, believe, trust, love, move through, bring in, release... it is all connected.  

So here's a quick recap... a little exercise you can do to take that first step:
1. Get good and honest with yourself... where do you need to totally RESET, "detox" in a way?
2. How would it FEEL to do this? To renew? To put yourself back to your original position?
3. What is the first thing you have to do to make this happen?
4. When are you going to start?

I'll share more about my journey as I experience it- but for now... know that that is the exact process I went through a couple weeks ago as it became very evident that I can't press forward in life without resetting, realigning, and feeling good in my body and my soul.

If you are interested in learning more about the program I am actually following, please hit REPLY to this email- I'm happy to share all the specific details about it with you! And you know what? Hit REPLY no matter WHAT you are going to reset for yourself! I want to be able to give you a virtual high-five and be your biggest cheerleader.  

It's not necessarily easy to make changes- but it doesn't HAVE to be so damn hard either.  I've got you, love! You are supported! 

Good Vibes and Happy Monday! 

P.S. If you are looking for guidance on how the heck to reset your BUSINESS so that it actually FEELS good... head over to the contact page of this website... ... fill out the form and let's get on the phone to discover what's next for you! 

September 7, 2017

September 7, 2017

"Love's miracles are being created in every given moment... unobstructed by anything carried over from the past. That is the way the universe operates. Your faith in love doesn't determine love's power but it does determine whether or not you EXPERIENCE love's power. You can't turn off the light... but you can put your hands in front of your eyes and complain that the room is dark..."
-Marianne Williamson

BOOM. #micdrop . I mean really though!

If this quote doesn't make you want to rip your hands down from covering your eyes, open your arms, and RECEIVE LOVE- I don't know what will!

I've been operating from a place of "Kinda trust" lately... really tapping into all that I am learning about love, and faith, and compensation, and the universe- but still having my freak out moments that usually start with the phrase, "But howwwww...???"

And that's okay! 

It's part of the very HUMAN experience my soul is having inside this amazing body right now... 

But it's also an invitation to LEAN IN, stretch further, surrender more, and love deeper. 

Today... I choose to pull my hands down from my eyes and SEE the light of love. It's always there and I am a part of it! 

If this struck a cord and resonates with you today! You aren't alone- I see you! Let's uncover our eyes together! ❤

P.S. Do you see the spirit in the photo?! 🙏🏼✨

September 5, 2017

September 5, 2017

Parties, weddings, fun festivities... those are all AH-MAYY-ZING times to celebrate... but they don't have to be the ONLY times!

This blog is comin' atcha straight from our hotel room in Fort Myers, Florida.  My boys are watching The Cat in the Hat while we wait for breakfast to open up downstairs and I was super excited to take this "free moment" to connect with you! Yesterday I went live on Facebook sharing that I would not be sending my typical Monday email because as it was Labor Day, I wanted to fully be present with my family and wanted for YOU, a valued member of my tribe, to be able to do the same!

Yesterday was the day after my beautiful sister-in-law's wedding... we had a free day in Florida to do whatever we liked, as a family... and actually, that's where the topic of this email downloaded into my mind! We had an absolute BLAST at the wedding... oh my goodness... to see both my tiny humans dancing and giggling on the dance floor was the best ever.  It was so so so much fun... but you know what was ALSO fun? The day AFTER the wedding. 

Because, truly, we have the opportunity to CELEBRATE whenever we choose to! It doesn't have to be contingent upon an event or a happening.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that there is always SOMETHING to celebrate.  

Especially for go-getters, business builders, and high-achievers... our minds are always looking toward the next thing.  What else can we achieve? What is the next goal? We have the thoughts of "Oh, I'll celebrate such-and-such when I accomplish XYZ"... but then we don't.  Because as soon as we achieve our goal, our eyes are already onto the next thing. 

Now, I'm not saying stop setting goals... no way- please do ALWAYS have something you are aiming for, growing toward... but my Heavens, don't forget to celebrate the JOURNEY along the way... because at one point what you have NOW was once a goal of yours.  

Don't dishonor your past self by always trying to out-do your present self to get to your future self!! 

It is super important to take a moment, to look back on all that you have accomplished and celebrate what you have going NOW instead of ALWAYS looking forward.  If you don't take note of all that you have done up to this point, it could lead to burn-out, resentment of the sacred work that you actually LOVE doing, and it honestly, can be quite boring!

My advice? Pick a goal and then choose what you will to do celebrate that goal when you achieve it, rather than just barreling on to the next! Set an alarm in your phone, daily, to celebrate WHATEVER it is you are doing in that moment.  Enjoy.  Be silly. Love.  And have fun on purpose!! 

I wish you an amazing day after Labor Day! I hope you celebrate this whole week through!


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August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017

You know what makes my heart flipping SOAR?! Knowing that when I am serving in my PURPOSE, I am helping others to create the life they want to live!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I HAD to share the amazing Danielle Bonney's, one of my beautiful Mastermind Clients, message to me from the other night (and got permission to do so 😘)... because messages like this mean EVERYTHING to me:

"Jillian, you are a genius! I have spent the last several hours on this training and I have gotten so, so much out of it! I am really excited. It was very thought provoking. I am so clear on why, what, how I am going to do everything. I was a psychology major and have been analyzing life since I was 5, but for some reason this clarified everything. Anyways, thank you, thank you! How do you know so much?"

It is my sincere HONOR to have provided Danielle with so much guidance, excitement, and clarity... and it is even more of an honor to watch her grow her business and her life! 💕

Friends- this excitement and clarity is available to EVERYONE... is it time to hop on the phone for a Discovery Call to talk about creating your dream life and business? If so- I cannot WAIT to chat!! 🙌🏼✨

Do you want this clarity? Are you READY to be this excited about LIFE? Are you ready to make a massive impact on people which will allow for you to make a massive income- by doing what you love?! Head on over to the contact section of this website:

Let's chat, let's help you discover your greatness, let's help you to set your heart soaring as well!

P.S. Go follow Danielle's page to view her art at Wild Things Maine- it's amazing!



August 30, 2017

August 30, 2017

"But I just don't know how to DO it differently..."

Anyone? Anyone? Can you relate to this statement at all? How often have YOU found yourself saying this and then allowing for the past to stop you from moving forward?

I had a HAAAUUUGEEEE "aha" moment last night as I was, once again, stressing about not knowing how to press forward in a different capacity than I ever have within my life and my business.  For the past several weeks I have been in a pretty big life transition with creating and launching my new Lifestyle and Business Development coaching business. It has been amazing and I have been crystal clear with myself about how I want to FEEL as I step into this new career and service offering to the world... 

But what I realized last night is that I haven't been crystal clear with how I want to progress and grow BASED on how I want to feel, since truthfully, it's radically different than anything I have known.  

For basically my entire life I have gone after all that I have taken on with a FIERCE intensity.  I've gone 100mph.  I've basically spent my entire life in PUSH mode.  And honestly, I love that about myself... I love that girl... I love that side of me.  

But there is another side to me that I have just started to align with. The side that says, "Dude, you don't have to work so.flipping.hard.".  The side that craves flow... encourages trust... and allows for just a tadddd more grace.  I love this girl too.  And honestly... it's time for me to give her a little more time in the spotlight.  


That has been my question!

It's not easy to rewire yourself when you have always functioned a certain way.  And it is easy to feel confused in terms of how to progress when the impact you want to make in the world is cannon-ball worthy, but you want to do it in a way that is a little more in alignment... a little less force, a little more flow.  

And that is when I realized... by continually questioning how... by harping on "not knowing how because it's different from the past"... my brain is stuck in lack mode! My brain is stuck in "can't" mode because I'm focusing on what I've always done rather than what I GET to do.  

Just because we have always done things one way doesn't mean we can't do things differently! 

We do not have to be the same as we were yesterday! 

Maybe you are in the season that the person you were yesterday is freaking ROCKIN' and there is nothing you want to change- that's cool... been there! But maybe you are in the season that the person you were yesterday is awesome, but you want her to switch it up a little bit to better serve in a way that is representative of you now- that's cool too! And if that is the case, then stop focusing on the you of the past... if you want to do things differently, then do things differently! 

***Let go of the fear that you don't know how and hang on tight to the fact that you GET to figure it out... and you GET to do it from a more centered, true-of-you-NOW place!***

Oh, and just so you know.  Those two sides of me? Those two mini Jillian's within? They are ONE.  I may have kept them separate within me up until now... but again, I don't have to function in a way I always have just because that's how I've always done it.  

In order to be the best me RIGHT NOW, in this season of my life, I now see that it is super important to let those traits all fuse together.  

My advice to you- and what I tell my clients: get quiet with yourself.  Allow for you to be present in the moment of this amazing life that you are in and focus in on how you want to FEEL.  Trust that you are being supported... DO SOMETHING that is going to allow for you to make an impact in the world... and know that it's okay if it's different than how you have always done it- we are always transforming, and what a gift it is to participate in that transformation!! 

Honor yourself, flow with the TRUE YOU, and know that no matter what, you are right where you are meant to be! 

Cheers, love!

August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017

I jumped! I went all in.  I didn't want to and that is EXACTLY why I needed to.  

Maybe you are a water person.  Maybe you LOVE swimming.  Maybe feeling your body floating, splashing, and being in the water is your jam... it's not mine.  I love being ON the water... I just have never really enjoyed  being IN the water.  

This weekend I experienced one of the best weekends of my life.  I went on a business and soul retreat- this was NOT your typical business building getaway.  I went in DEEP.  I peeled some onion layers back to discover places within me that I didn't even know existed.  I reconnected with parts of myself I have hidden for my whole life.  I had an expansion of heart and self-belief beyond what I can describe.  

And I'm here to tell you right now... that my whole LIFE has been changed which means the whole way I choose to SHOW UP in life, including in my BUSINESS and the way I serve, has been amplified.  

All I have to say is, watch out world, because I am READY to make the IMPACT that I KNOW I am capable of making... now more than ever! 

And I will keep growing and loving and digging and serving forever more.

On Saturday we spent the day in the classroom- we experienced a combo of logistical, tactical business building lessons as well as self-reflective, personal growth opportunities through meditation and intention setting.  It was amazing.  Then that night we went to my business coach's lake house (and in an effort to continue my manifesting, I stand firm in my faith and use this as an opportunity to declare to the YOU and the Universe that I too will have a lake house within the next few years where I will be able to host events like this!!!).

Imagine being with 20 of the most uplifting, life-changer, driven, passionate women... all on a mission to be their best selves and serve others... on a lake, with amazing food (and wine, for those of you vino-lovers, like me!) an incredible view, and an air of limitless potential and opportunity.  Laughter.  Tears.  Growth.  Support.  Belief.  

It was amazing.  

It was also warm and dry and I was quite content to stay that way.  In fact I had even said out loud, and affirmed over and over in my head that "I'm not flippin' going in that water."

Until my business coach came and tapped my shoulder and said, "We're jumping in... are you coming?"

Now, it had been well established throughout the course of the evening that Jillian doesn't do water. 

But she asked anyway.  She called to me anyway.  She challenged me anyway.  She literally TOUCHED my shoulder and figuratively touched my heart.  She presented me with the choice... with the opportunity, anyway.  

I could stay dry and wet.  
I could cheer those that jumped in, on from the sidelines.  
I could stay cozy in my comfort zone.  
I could do all those things.  
There was no judgement, no expectation.  

But if I had done those things... there would also have been NO GROWTH.  

So I stood.  And I said, "Alright... I'm doing it.  I'm jumping in."

I grabbed my bathing suit (which, can we just take a second here to think about WHY I even brought my bathing suit in the first place if I was resolute not to CHANGE into it? Hmm... Don't tell me you weren't ready to grow Jill... you BROUGHT the tools with you- maybe you just needed a little guidance with how to use them...), walked out onto the cool green grass, then stepped onto the pebble walkway and strode confidently down onto the strong, steady dock.  That dock welcomed me.  It gave me support.  It guided me to the end... to the next phase... it provided me a platform to allow for my feet to spring onward.  

And then there, hand-in-hand, with my mentor and a few other courageous, inspiring ladies, I jumped.  

I splashed into the water.  I came up laughing.  I came up knowing that that jump had truly just changed my life.  I didn't have to.  But I did.  And the best part was that I didn't have to do it alone! WE DID IT.  Because when you make the choice to surround yourself with people that want to grow and do life at the level that you do- you are NEVER alone.  

Life is going to present us with opportunity after opportunity.  The only limitations we have are the ones we set on ourselves.  The lake was there.  I brought my bathing suit.  The question was asked and opportunity was presented.  I had spent my whole life saying "No way"... but in that moment I knew that I didn't have to be the same person I had always been... and I chose not to be.  I chose to go for it... to stretch myself, to grow myself, to GO ALL IN in stepping into the person I am MEANT to be.  

I jumped.  And I'm damn grateful I did.  

What do you need to jump into, friend? 

Look around you- and get honest with yourself.  You have the tools.  You have the ability.  You have the support.  You have the people that will invite you to go for it.  You've had it within you all along.  

When you say YES to yourself and to your growth... you will be supported.  When you say YES, the Universe will provide you with everything you need to be supported.  

You may not want to- but that's why you NEED to.  It's time to jump.  Enjoy the decision of saying yes, enjoy putting on the bathing suit- knowing what you are doing, enjoy the walk down to the dock, enjoy grabbing the hand of the people who are right there with you, enjoy jumping- leaving your feet, enjoy the splash as your body meets the water... and enjoy laughing and the fulfillment you will feel as you come up... knowing that you DID IT.  

I got you, love.  I got you.  And YOU got you.  Go jump! 


For more info about me... professional bio, fun facts, lifestyle stuff make sure to check out

Are you Ready to JUMP IN to developing your own life and business?  Ready to learn more about what creating a life where you are constantly saying YES to your own growth and opportunity to live, love, serve, and be abundantly compensated? Ready to design your business so that it is in total alignment with your LIFE? Let's hop on a Discovery Call! Fill out the form at

July 25, 2017

July 25, 2017

I lived a life according to "should". I always based decisions on what I "should" do and, honestly, I don't think I ever really thought much about whether or not it was what I wanted to do... that was just never a priority- because if it wasn't following some pre-determined rule that I had been hard-wired to believe... it need not apply.

Until my heart was cracked wide open by the fact that I had so much more to offer the world- so much more light to spread.

Every day the fire inside me burns.

Because I keep saying yes. 
I keep saying yes to things that scare me, and are exactly what I need to constantly up-level my life.

Because quite honestly, I could "should" myself to death or I could serve and live and love and inspire and teach in a way that allows me to be the person I WANT to be- the true me that is inside.

Watch out world... this fire is only growing and growing! 🔥🔥🔥


July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017


"Sometimes you face difficulties, not because you're doing something wrong... but because you're doing something right!" 

Have you ever felt that dizzying effect when your brain is presented with TOUGH STUFF and it tries to go into shut down mode? It's like you just get to a point where your mind says "I don't WANT TO" and you can feel it coming up with excuse after excuse why you can't do the task at hand.  Your brain starts concocting anyway possible of getting you out of the situation... "I'll just ask someone how to do this- they'll know...", "I'll just pay someone to do this for me...".

My friend, here is were I lovingly tell you that not only CAN you do hard things... but you GET to figure them out.  And you know what? When you do figure it out- it is the best flippin' feeling EVER.

So go do it. 

I'm building a website right now... and guess what... it's not easy.  I've never done it before and figuring out the concept of the flow of a website is tough enough but then figuring out how to actually apply that concept to technology and getting that to work- well that's a whole different, additional ball game.  It's like I'm trying to crack a code while simultaneously rewriting it in a different language.  It's not totally my jam.  It's tough stuff.  I have sat staring blankly at my computer a number of times.  

But I am DETERMINED to do it. Because when I figure it out, not only will I: a. have the knowledge and b. feel DARN accomplished... but c. I'll be able to teach others and show them PROOF that if I can do it, they can do it to.  

Wanna know how to figure it out? Here are a couple ways to combat that dizzying feeling of "I can't do this" and to go out and do it anyway:

1. Play around! 
     The remedy to any ill feeling is ACTION... so go do something about it... and
     have fun doing it.  Try some things out.  Click around.  Turn the puzzle pieces
     upside down.  My point is- DO SOMETHING.  You may actually figure it out
     simply by being curious!
2. Think to yourself: "There is probably a tutorial for that!"
     It seems like a high-five to the forehead moment but, we live in a day and
     age where information is everywhere.  Next time you are trying to figure
     out something that you just can't wrap your brain around... check out
     YouTube, or listen to a podcast, or find a blog.  Trust me, someone else has
     already figured out what you are trying to figure out- be willing to learn and
     go find the answer!

You are an empowered soul on a mission to LIVE this life- not sit back and let life happen to you because things get tough sometimes.  I promise you- figuring out tough things is not a punishment- it is actually one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.  Go for it, love! Go for it and when you do it, create it, complete it... ENJOY the fact that you never gave up.

Have a happy week, my friend! 

July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

What an honor- to GET to do something... to have have the OPPORTUNITY to live, love, and matter!

Happy Monday, Fabulous! 

Another week! Another week to live, love, and matter. Take a second to breathe that in. You have, in this divine moment in time, another week ahead of you where you have the opportunity TO LIVE… TO LOVE… and TO MATTER. 

This past weekend I was at a seminar in New Orleans. It was AMAZING. Like most seminars, it was non-stop, it was joy-filled, at times there was a bit of information-overload fatigue… but I have to tell you, I am walking away from this conference feeling differently than I have in the past.  I don’t feel like I have to go out and change EVERYTHING I have ever done in my personal and professional life (#guilty of feeling that way in the past). This time, I am walking away with a couple amazing nuggets- ideas and inspirations that I GETto start implementing. 

And that feels AWESOME.

So, often in life we focus on checking off the to-do lists, surviving the mundane ho-hummery that becomes our every day, and feel pressure about the things we “have to do”. Have you ever used that phrase about something that is supposed to bring you joy? “I have to do XYZ in my business.” “I have tobring my kids to the playground.” “I have to figure out how the heck I’m going to get this all done.” Etc. etc. etc.?

Today I encourage you to reframe that way of thinking and focus on the things that you GET to do.
You GET to bring joy to each moment… if you choose. 
You GET to laugh and be silly with your kids… if you choose. 
You GET to go to that meeting, or create that email, or reach out to those people because it is in those moments you could change a life while simultaneously creating an income for your family- which gives you the opportunity to change the trajectory of your family’s life... if you choose! 

Personal Truth Insight: I will tell you, one thing I have recognized of myself over the past year is that I’m not naturally silly. I’m super bubbly and have a grateful heart and I LOVE feeling joyful… but in small moments throughout the day, I don’t necessarily feel happy on purpose!

So, that’s where I’m starting today! And every day! I CHOOSE to focus on being happy- generating that happiness- not waiting for something to make me happy.. but rather creating it for myself! Because that is the way I want toLIVE. That is the way I want to spread LOVE. And by bringing joy to others- knowing that I GET to do that- that is how I am certain I will MATTER!

What are you going to do this week ON PURPOSE, jillian, where you are going to live, love, and matter?
What do you GET to do? 


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July 10, 2017

Allow Yourself to Allow

"Your work is to relax and allow.  Relax and allow.  No matter what."
-Abraham Hicks

Happy Monday you special, important, amazing masterpiece of a human!

-Do you ever find yourself getting caught up in the rat race of things that you SHOULD do?
-Or do you ever look around and realize that you are doing the same ol' thing for no other reason other than that's what you've always done?
-Or do you find that you are quite literally FORCING yourself to do something that doesn't feel good and rather than questioning if there is a better way, you just keep chugging along, uncomfortable (and likely tired and miserable)?

Today I invite you to ALLOW.  Allow yourself to question, to relax, to try something new, to just be, to sit quietly, to get the rest, to breathe deeply, to do what it is you WANT to do rather than what you feel like you SHOULD do.  Allow for life to unfold and present you with opportunities and situations that actually FEEL good.

Each day we are learning how to empower ourselves more and more... and sometimes that empowerment comes from simply releasing the grip that we have around life and ALLOWING for things to unfold naturally around us.  Empowerment doesn't always come from stepping up and taking charge... sometimes it comes from allowing yourself to flow!

((On a personal note, I encourage you to listen to your body and really tune into how you feel physically when you know you are forcing things emotionally or mentally... This past weekend I was struggling with a decision I was trying to make- I was forcing, I was trying to control, I was stressed... and you know what happened? I tweaked my neck while doing some strength training! My body was sending me a very clear sign that I needed to let go, allow for the universe to do her thing, stop trying to assert my will and just go with the flow! So, I stopped lifting the weights, I went out for a quick run, and I allowed my brain to stop trying to figure it out- and truly, the answer to my decision presented itself an hour later! Listen to your body and go with the flow, baby!))

Allow yourself to allow and trust the internal transformation that is ever-present and ever happening within you! You know what you are doing, even when you feel like you don't! 

Put today's mantra into your phone and set it as an alarm to go off a few times today: I will allow myself to allow!

Have an amazing week, friends! 
Empower yourself, always! 


July 6, 2017


Hey there, Gorgeous! 

First question: How many of you noticed the typos in my FIRST EVER broadcast email this you and this amazing list of empowerment seeking people? (Jillian's hand shoots straight up and waives it high in the sky... yep I get my own emails delivered to me just as you do!)

Second question: When is the last time you embraced failure? Looked at that big ol' falling-flat-on-your-face moment and THANKED it for showing up in your life? Here's the thing, my subject line "failure is my favorite" not only has a nice little ring to it... a cute little diddy, if you will... but it's true.  Because in failure there are two opportunities and I want to present them both to you... the first tends to be a little more obvious but the second, I believe, is where true empowerment presents itself.

1. Failure is an opportunity to LEARN.

-That email, with the typos? I LOVE that email.  I wrote it from my heart... and what you don't know is that I actually had to type it out twice because I am still learning how to work this email system... the first one that I typed, wouldn't copy to the correct template (and that is the one I spell checked <3)... and the second one... well, you saw it!

-But the truth is... I learned more about this new program I am using- and plan to use for a very long time to serve and inspire you and others... and I learned that no matter what, always re-read the email you are actually about to send!

-But I also learned one truth and that is in the power of failing forward... because you see, I don't actually believe in perfectionism.  That email had DARN good content- but what if I had been so stressed about something going wrong? About typos? About it not showing up at the right time? What if those fears had kept me from actually getting that valuable content out to all of you? What good would it have done for me to keep those thoughts and teachings stuck in my head because I was worried about something messing up and making it perfect?

This brings me to the second opportunity that failure gives us...

2. Failure is an opportunity to TEACH.

-Today, because of the "boo boos" in my first email, I got to share with you my take on always choosing PROGRESS over PERFECTION... and the fact that DONE and OUT THERE is sooo much better than keeping a thought stuck in your own head and not serving the world because something could go wrong.

-I get to teach you that these email systems can be complex, but everything is figure-out-able if you are willing to do it anyway! Just do it... send the email!

-I ALSO get to teach you that I accept the fact that there will be more typos in my future... because that's me! AndI encourage you to accept and love YOU, right where you are, flaws and all- you are amazing. My focus on the content and filling your life with value as soon as my heart feels ready to release it will ALWAYS outweigh worrying too much (I'll still always try... I do like to be professional... but you get what I mean...) about having it look PERFECT.

Because I believe if you are finally at a place where you are feeling PERFECT then you are back in your comfort zone and it's time to stretch further and do new things that will cause you to fail and grow and LEARN so that you can TEACH! <3

I wish you many failures today, friends, and I wish for you the opportunity to learn and teach because of it!

Have an amazing Thursday!



July 5, 2017

July 5, 2017

Honest question:

Do you feel like you are WORTHY of achieving the goals you claim you have?

I talk to so many amazing women every day and they have these big, beautiful, ACHIEVABLE goals- that just need a little love, a little dedication, and a little action- and yet something stops them in their tracks.

Sometimes money is blamed, sometimes it's time, sometimes it's a loved one...

But ultimately, if we boil it down to the TRUE core, it's that and deeper sense of self-belief and worthiness is missing or has been tarnished...

Ladies- please let me take this opportunity to remind you that YOU ARE WORTH IT... the investment, the time, the togetherness that can be created when you start showing up for you and rubbing off on everyone around you... you are worth it.

I pray for you to take the step... to go for it... whatever it is... don't let your goals be unrealized dreams be cause you didn't allow yourself to bask in your awesomeness.

You are worthy of great things. And they will come to you with that combination of belief and action.

Take the first step! I'm cheering you on!!


July 2, 2017

See next blog for my TRUTH about failing!

Happy Monday, you Gorgeous Humans!

So, per the subject line, I am writing this little love note to you on Sunday night- though I plan to send it to you tomorrow to welcome you into the week- and today was the ULTIMATEEEE beach day and as I write I am sipping on a fabulous glass of Chardonnay.

Sounds pretty perfect right?! Well, this moment is... because in me writing to you, I am making a dream come true.

And I wanted to talk to you about DREAMS today because I'm wondering when the last time you actually DARED TO DREAM. And I'm not talking about the types of whimsical thoughts that result in you thinking "ohhhh but that will never happen..." No. I'm talking about those dreams that you can FEEL... the ones that make your heart beat faster, the one's that literally leave your heart yearning while you think about them... the ones that allow for you to think to yourself, "Well why the heck NOT me?!"

Those dreams. When is the last time you have had one of THOSE dreams?!

C.S. Lewis has been noted to say my favorite quote of all time. It's actually hanging in two different spots in my office- and I purchased each one of these momentos at very different times of my life and the subject and feeling has remained the same for me. "You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream."

BAM. #midcrop. Insert whatever emoji you want to here... because that is TRUTH.

My friends, it's time... it's time to stop with the excuses and start LIVING your dreams.

You'll always be too old, too tired, too far, too late, too WHATEVER... until you call yourself on that bologna and remind yourself that this LIFE is yours and if you can dream it, then my friends you can flipping DO IT!

This past week I saw two HUGE dreams come to reality... two things that I had been thinking of, harboring with love, and believing in... but had yet to take action on. Now, I'm a believer in divine timing and NOT forcing things, rather, letting them flow to you and TRUSTING that when you say yes, you can say HELL YESS... but there comes a time when dreaming needs to cease and action needs to happen... because man, those dreams, they are even MORE awesome when they become real life!

So last week I launched this very email EMPOWERMENT list and I also said yes to an opportunity that I have been manifesting for about a year now.

More to come on that... but for now... my point is that YOU have to take action on creating what YOU want! And the time is now. You are beautiful and inspirational and smart and strong and EMPOWERED. YOU CAN! And you should and you will... because you are worthy!

Take this Monday to realign! I know that tomorrow is the 4th of July... it's one of my favorite holidays... I know there is so much that you can check out on... but don't check out on you. Don't forget what this life and each celebratory moment is all about-- it's about YOU showing up as the best, most authentic, most hell-bent to succeed, most creative version of YOU!

I honor you and wish you total kickassery goodness!
You are amazing!